This lunchtime we're bringing you some fabulous wedding day make up inspiration from our lovely List members, who really are the best in the business. We're discussing our favourite looks, what to expect from your trial AND we've got a Q&A with the lovely Jodie Hazlewood too. Jodie's insider product tips and advice are great and there are several products we're off to sample straight away. Highlighter that makes you look candlelit?! We're sold...
Ok, ok, we know that on your wedding day it's highly likely that you won't be bare faced. So we're talking your best you, rather than barely there, but creating that natural look takes a lot more products than you'd think! The best make up artists know exactly how to strike the balance between looking good in photographs and looking good in the flesh. And trust us, having worked on countless shoots over the years, it's a tricky thing to do! We know that lots of you opt to do your own make up for your big day and if this is something you'd like to do, we'd encourage you to have a make up lesson or try out lots of products at one of the department store make up counters. This is something our Brides recommend time and time again. But do give lots of consideration to hiring a professional make up artist - our lovely Lorna says 'having a professional MUA do my makeup on the morning of the wedding was pure luxury. I got to chat to all my ladies sipping champagne and by the end of it I felt amazing! As much as I like putting my own makeup on everyday, this was definitely a time I knew I wanted to be pampered. Plus it lasted ALL day.'
Vintage Vibes
There are SO many looks to cover with the term 'vintage' and you can embrace them whole heartedly, or just as a subtle nod to the time. A certain shade of lipstick, a cat flick eye, whether you opt for your hair to follow the era you're channeling too, all of these looks can be embraced for your wedding day without you looking like you're heading off to a fancy dress party. You're taking inspiration from a style icon, rather than playing dress up. It's important to remember that with bolder looks, you can ask your MUA to change things until you are completely happy! That's what the trial is for. I can honestly tell you that all of our List Make Up Artists want you to be completely happy and comfortable with your look. Go to your trial prepared to say 'more eyes' 'less eyes' 'more lips' 'less lips' etc. but try to be open minded too, they may have a fabulous product you've never tried that will really suit you.
Smoky Eyes
This is probably my favourite wedding day look, and it's definitely one that has been embraced more and more in recent years, as the traditional Bridal look becomes ever more stylish. And let's be honest, who doesn't suit a smoky eye? It's all about finding the right colour palette for you. And this is where your MUA will really be able to help you, as we all know that eye wear products are probably the hardest to wear for a long time, let alone all day! Good primers and finishing products are key.
Q&A with Jodie Hazlewood of Make Up by Jodie
1. What is the most frequently used product in your make up bags for Bridal beauty? My Nars Eye Primer - my main concern is that the makeup lasts all day but still looks natural. 2. Do you approach Bridal hair & beauty differently to other occasions? If so, why? No in the sense that I still want it to look completely beautiful, modern and soft. But yes that I use products that are longwear and hardwearing and will look good under any light condition. 3. Are there any things you’d advise Brides to do in the run up to the big day to prep their skin and hair? All the boring stuff: regular hair trims, lots and lots of water, a couple of facials, as much sleep as you can and a diet full of oily fish and green vegetables will help your skin glow. 4. What is your favourite product for getting a radiant glow on your wedding day? I love mixing my own light reflective primer for each bride which includes a regular moisturiser, a Vichy serum, Mac Strobe Cream and few other secret ingredients. Really work this into the skin before applying any other makeup. 5. Matte vs gloss - skin, lips and eyes - what’s better for photographs? With makeup, like most things it's all about balance. I always like the centre of the face to be matte, but you can add glow and gloss on the tops of the cheekbones and other high points. Eyes and lips are down to personal preference. 6. Are there any products we should know about that look great on your face in photographs? If your skin needs a little help, Estee Lauder double wear foundation really well buffed in looks incredible on camera. The Hourglass Ambient light highlighting powder makes you look candlelit! 7. Staying do you make sure your hair & make up looks fabulous all day? I use light layers of primers, tinted moisturisers and then a more heavy duty concealer on areas that need it building it slowly to get the coverage needed. I use the Kiko setting spray right at end and always use the Nars eye primer. Making sure the skin is prepped and moisturised also helps the makeup last. 8. Best way to deal with a bad hair day/skin day on the morning of your wedding? Leave enough time so that you can start again if you're really not happy with your hair. If you have a breakout try not to touch it and let your makeup artist work on covering it. 9. Favourite all time lip product for Brides? Clarins Rouge Eclat in Woodrose suits almost everyone and is such a romantic and pretty shade! 10. Any insider secrets or top tips you’ve learned from all the gorgeous weddings and shoots you’ve worked at? Before you leave for the ceremony check your makeup in every light and angle in case you need to re-blend any areas. Use more powder than you think as shine can make you look flustered on camera. Don't forget your décolletage and shoulders - it's nice to add a highlighting powder to these areas. Relax and enjoy it...once you see your husband to be and friends and family you'll forget all abut your hair and makeup!
A big thank you to our gorgeous List make up artists for sending us their images. If you're still searching for a MUA to help on your big day, do check out The List, our handpicked directory of suppliers.
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