In this day and age no matter how you write your wedding invitation gift wording, your guests will understand. It has become fairly commonplace for couples to request cash or honeymoon funds. But guests also really enjoy giving a tangible gift. That's why we've paired up with Prezola to give you some wedding invitation gift wording options and to also prove to you that having a wedding gift list needn't mean filling a list full of crockery and toasters (unless of course, you want some crockery and toasters). 

Give Your Guests Options

If there is one wedding gift list tip we could shout from the rooftops, it would be to not limit yourself to a honeymoon fund or indeed a list full of gifts. Add a little bit of everything to your list and not only will you get to experience what it's like to have a gift delivery day (aka Prezola Day) - but you can also have some cash towards that honeymoon or a new kitchen. By creating a list full of options for your guests you also offer them the choice. Some guests are perfectly happy to give cash and some would rather give you something you want and would keep for your married life. Did you know that over 50% of Prezola couples have a combination of gifts, funds and cash on their gift list?

Another reason to have a gift list full of options is that in your wedding invitation gift wording, you can simply point your guests towards your list. You don't need to broach the topic of asking for money instead of gifts, or awkward talk of wishing wells. You simply send them to, they enter your list number and will be given the option to buy from the plethora of gifts, funds, subscriptions, etc that you choose. 

Wedding Gift Rhymes Examples

If you'd rather soften the ask by turning your request into a rhyme, then here are some options to insert as your wedding invitation gift wording.

As you will know our only request, 
Is to have you with us as our wedding guest.
But if giving a gift is on your mind, 
(and for that we say you're incredibly kind)
We've created a gift list with a suggestion or two,
At to make it easy for you.

Our list number is XXX-XXX

We're most excited about spending our day with you, 
But if you're thinking of a gift and don't know what to do, 
We've created a list of some suggestions for gifts,
To help us kick off our married life of bliss.

You can find our list at
Our list number is XXX-XXX

Having you with us as we tie the knot,
Is all that we want as we like you a lot.
Although it's only your presence we ask,
We know finding a gift can be quite the task.
So if this kind gesture is what you insist, 
At we have compiled a gift list.

Our list number is XXX-XXX

Wedding Invitation Gift Wording Examples

While rhyming verses can be fun, here are a few options for wording if you would like to go with something more straightforward and sincere.

While having you at our wedding is all that we wish for,
helping us create our future together will be greatly appreciated.
You can find our gift list at
Our list number is XXX-XXX

Your presence at our wedding is the greatest gift of all.
However, should you wish to give us a gift,
some gift suggestions have been registered with
Our list number is XXX-XXX

We can't wait to see you on our wedding day, 
having you there means the world.
If you'd like to start our married life off with a gift, you can find some suggestions at
Our gift list number is XXX-XXX

You have the option to build your gift list exactly how you want it, with a mix of honeymoon funds, charity contributions, subscriptions, and gifts galore. You now also know exactly how to point your guests towards your gift list with your wedding invitation gift wording... All that's left to do is start your gift list.

Naomi Liddell

Written by Naomi Liddell

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