When it comes to your lingerie for the big day, you mustn't settle for anything less than perfect. The perfect fit, the perfect style, the perfect material. Looking beautiful stems solely from feeling comfortable and so your wedding day underwear is extremely important and something to be carefully considered. Cue Rigby & Peller, who have been fitting lingerie for almost 80 years and are joining us today to answer some of your bridal underwear dilemmas and questions.

Your Most Frequent Request...The Perfect Strapless Bra

The rise in popularity of backless dresses and gowns with more daring necklines has meant that bridal lingerie has to work hard these days. The vast majority of you lovely lot need a strapless or multiway bra to wear with your dress, here's what Rigby & Peller recommend:

  • The most important thing to look for in a strapless bra is a firm band. Compared to a bra with straps where the band accounts for 80% of the support, strapless bras have to take 90%. Only 10% of the support comes from the cups, so the right fit on the band really is key. However, it should feel firm, not tight. You (or your Lingerie Stylist) should be able to run fingers underneath the band without too much force.
  • There’s a common myth that you should buy a size smaller when choosing a strapless bra. We believe it’s more about the fit on the body rather than the size on the label, as sizes can differ across different styles and brands.
  • Just make sure the center front sits flat against the chest and the band feels secure. If fitted correctly, you should feel comfortable throughout the day.
  • Our strapless styles include molded options that can enhance your natural figure and others which support fuller busts up to a G cup. For busts fuller than a G cup, our Made to Measure team can create bespoke strapless bras that will fit to perfection.
Questions From Readers

Jess: I’m wearing a white, very fitted wedding dress. What underwear should I wear with it? I don’t want anything visible on the big day.

The best bra to wear under a fitted dress is a smooth and seam-free one so that there’s no lines visible. Just because the bra is seam-free, it doesn’t mean that it won’t be able to give you a great shape. For your briefs you’ll also need something smooth and seam-free to avoid a VPL. Our collections include seam-free briefs in many different styles including thong, hot-pants and bikini-style briefs so you’ll be able to find the perfect pair for you. It’s still possible to add a control element if you want to shape your silhouette a little as we have shapewear with no seams too.

Jo: I’m desperate for something that will cater for a low-backed dress and a low-ish v neck front, but I have big boobs! I’m a perky 32F and don’t feel like I need massive straps or a high breastbone section, but it’s so hard to find something for larger chested ladies without both of these things! As the dress is quite unforgiving, I’m also considering a bodice but it needs to be really plain so you can’t see it through the dress. Help please!

We have a beautiful low back body that could work well for you. It’s smooth at the front so won’t be visible through your dress but has lovely seam-free lace detailing on the bottom to add that bridal touch, Alternatively, you could add a low back converter strap to a bra you feel comfortable in. For something truly special, we do offer our Made to Measure service at our Knightsbridge boutique where the team would be able to create you a bespoke piece that will work perfectly with your dress.

Rebecca: If I’m wearing a corseted wedding dress with a low back, do I actually need to wear a bra? My dressmaker says I should but I can’t understand why...any advice would be much appreciated!

Some brides prefer to wear a bra in addition to any corsetry in their dress as they feel more comfortable doing so. This may be why your dressmaker has suggested it. Depending on the style of your dress, your dressmaker may be able to sew some cups into the front of the dress that will provide some support without wearing a bra. You could get a beautiful pair of lace briefs to add the bridal touch and choose a different set of lingerie for the evening.

Claire: Whenever I search for bridal lingerie, it’s always white! Is this the best shade to wear, or is a skin tone shade better? Do I match my underwear to my dress or to my skin? I’m so confused!

White lingerie is traditionally associated with bridalwear and many women envision themselves wearing this colour lingerie on their wedding day. However, with some sheer or lighter fabrics, you may find that lingerie to match your skin tone will work best. Alternatively, ivory lingerie can look slightly softer than white if you’d prefer not to wear skin tone lingerie. Some brides are now even adding a slight pop of colour to their lingerie and opting for pastel tones such as blush or light blue – a perfect way to add your ‘something blue’ if your dress allows!

Gemma: I’d love to wear something lacy on the day, but I’m worried that you’ll be able to see the pattern through my dress. Is it better to choose a smooth fabric for my underwear and save the lace for the honeymoon? Or can I wear lace on the big day?

If your dress is lined, then the lace shouldn’t show through. However, if it’s a more fitted, sheer material, then a smooth option may be better. You could speak with your dressmaker to see if it’s possible to add a lining or alternatively, you could think about buying two sets of lingerie for the big day, a smooth option for the day and a lace option for the evening.

Louise: I’m wearing a really silky dress and would like to find the perfect one-piece to wear underneath. It needs to be strapless, really comfortable, and totally invisible under my dress - can Rigby & Peller help?

As a result of the piece needing to be strapless, it would be best to opt for a high waist brief or shaper that will sit beautifully underneath your bra. Paired with a perfectly fitting strapless bra, this will create a wonderful silhouette. You could also opt for a smooth basque that has removable straps paired with matching seam-free briefs. As long as any piece you wear is fitted correctly, you should feel completely comfortable all day. Just remember to choose smooth, seam-free pieces that won’t be visible through your silky dress. You could always buy a lacier body for the evening.

Rosie: I need to find something really gorgeous for my honeymoon. My on-the-day lingerie is really practical and although it makes me feel amazing in my dress, it’s not exactly romance inducing. Do Rigby & Peller have any gorgeous lingerie sets I can treat myself to?

Many brides find that they have to wear lingerie that’s more practical and solution-driven on their wedding day but then choose a beautiful selection of additional sets for the wedding night and honeymoon. Our expert Lingerie Stylists can help you put these pieces together from our curated collections and will not only consider fit but also your personality, bridal style and colourings amongst other things. You could even treat yourself to some perfectly-fitting swimwear for your honeymoon and some luxurious silk nightwear that will not only see you through your wedding but also married life.

Rigby & Peller

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