We’re aware of all the wedding postponements happening at the moment that a lot of you aren’t able to reschedule your weddings for like-for-like times later in the year or early next. In some cases, you’re having to swap your 1:30pm ceremony for a 10am one or even a 4pm one meaning you will need to think of an alternative order of the day. We want to tell you to embrace it. To embrace the changes that are coming your way and to give you the confidence to know that however your new wedding unfolds it can and will be as incredible as your originally planned one.

Alternative Wedding Order Of The Day

We have a post coming on Saturday evening (watch this space) to round this all up for you that includes guides to an alternative order of the day. A basic guide to how your day might pan out if you have an early start or indeed how you could plan the order of your day should you now be getting married later.

Tips For A Successful Morning Wedding

So your celebrant can only marry you at 10:30am on your new date? Let’s do this! Even longer to celebrate with your nearest and dearest right? But you’ll obviously have some concerns. Maybe those concerns are about how you’re now going to feed everyone, how you’re going to entertain them for that amount of time, what time do you need to get up to get ready? We’ve answered all of those questions and more here.

Tips For A Late Afternoon weddings

If you find yourself in a situation where you’ve suddenly lost 3 hours of your originally planned day, don’t panic. Your day will still be amazing, you just need to figure out how to make the things you have planned work in your new time frame. You can check out all our ideas here along with how a potential afternoon wedding order of the day could work.

We’ve talked about first looks, changing up your catering, throwing everything at a truly magical evening affair, rejigging your entertainment to better suit a new schedule, and loads more. Check out the zoom cast here.

You can check out links to interactive decor, ideas for communicating the order of your day, and more in the links below. If you check out this post you can find a handy downloadable to help you plan out the schedule for your day.

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Alternative Wedding Order Of The Day

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