Chances are your hunt for wedding shoes is going to fall into one of two camps. You're either a self-professed shoe lover and see your chosen footwear as an integral part of your wedding day style and overall enjoyment. Or, you haven't given a whole heap of thought to your wedding day shoes but you know it's likely you'll want to wear some, so you had better decide what they are. Regardless of which side you fall on, there are tons of styles you can choose from (we've listed them at the bottom of this post - everything from white satin to boots and beyond). But before you go shopping, avoid any mishaps by reading our tips for choosing the perfect pair. 

Choose Your Wedding Shoes Wisely - 10 Tips
    • The flooring of your venue and any journey in between. Is it carpeted or hard floor? Will there be cobbles, stones or pavers outside? Will you be walking on grass, will it be muddy? Are you having a beach wedding? All of these things will have an impact on whether you choose stiletto heels, block heels or flats.  
    • How high can you handle? Be honest with yourself about both your comfort level and your ability to walk in heels (if heels are your thing at all). There is no rule book. Wear what you like, what makes you feel fabulous and what you can comfortably strut in all day. If that's a skyscraper heel then go for it, if that's a pair of Converse, then we're with you all the way. 
    • Whatever you choose, comfort is key. Wedding days are long days. Incredible days, but long. And you'll likely be on your feet for most of it. If you want shoes designed purely for comfort and style (by an ex-architect nonetheless) then Rock My Wedding Recommended supplier Esska is your brand. So choose something that's going to be kind to your feet. Or if you're intent on heels for your ceremony but want the freedom to let loose at the reception, see our next point...
    • You don't have to have just one pair. That's right. It's your wedding day. You can have as many pairs of bridal shoes as you wish. But do let your seamstress or bridal boutique know as your hem will need to accommodate the varying heights. 
    • A big factor in deciding which style of shoe to choose is... Do you want to wear them again? Ivory satin shoes may be less likely to have a place in your future wardrobe as a Mrs. There is an option to have them dyed in future. Or you can choose a sparkly, neutral or colourful pair you'll get tons of wear out of (as well as the wedding day memories).
    • Should you buy your shoes before or after your dress? The answer is: It depends (annoying answer). And also, it doesn't matter (better answer). You'll have bought your shoes or your dress because you love them, so whichever comes first, just make sure you take that into consideration when choosing the corresponding piece. 
    • Have a think about your overall look. Do you want matching or contrasting shoes to dress? If the answer is matching, then be careful as there are many shades of white and ivory. Bring a swatch of your fabric if you can. If you choose to add some colour, do you want this to be subtle and complementary or a colour pop? Think about how your shoes tie with your overall style or colour scheme. Also your bouquet. 
    • Heavily embellished bridal shoes are stunning. But a cautionary word to consider... Snagging. If you've got a satin gown, netting or a train to be aware of, think about how this will interact with those beautifully embellished shoes. If they're well made, the clasps should be secure and snagging shouldn't be an issue, so best run your hands over those jewels and have a check. 
    • Regardless of your choice of shoes, as we all know... New shoes can be a bit, rubby. So don some socks and wear them while you do the ironing. Seriously, wear them in a bit. It will make all the difference and you'll hopefully end your wedding day with an unopened packet of Compeed. 
    • Heard the rhyme "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue", well the often omitted last line is "And a Sixpence in her shoe". Thought to bring prosperity, love and happiness, there are bridal shoe designers who incorporate sixpences in the design, or you can find your own and tape/glue it on to the sole of your shoes for a nod to tradition. 
    • And lastly, before we move on to the scores of beautiful imagery, a note on cost. You can go all out for a pair of Vivienne Westwoods or Jimmy Choos. Or you can find the perfect pair on sale on the high street. The bottom line is pay what you want. And don't let anyone convince you otherwise. 
White (& Neutral) Wedding Shoes

Whether you're choosing shoes to complement your dress or you just have your heart set on some white shoes for your wedding day, you can still wear something spectacular on your feet. Go simple and traditional or statement in white.   


Sparkly Wedding Shoes

If there is a day in your life where you can wear an indecent amount of sparkle, it's your wedding day. And let your wedding shoes be no exception.  


Coloured Wedding Shoes

Neutrals not your thing? Then splash out on some colour. Go deep and dark or bright and bold. Whatever makes your wedding shoes feel like your wedding shoes.  


Wedding Trainers

Probably the ultimate in wedding day comfort, a pair of decorative trainers. Either rock these casual flats for the whole shebang or switch to them for a night of dancing and having a laugh with your mates. If trainers are your style, then you do you on your wedding day because in our book, they are perfectly acceptable wedding shoes. 

Wedding Boots
The latest and greatest wedding footwear trend we're seeing more and more of are statement wedding boots. From sleek white ankle boots to 90's grunge style Doc Martens, once again, if boots are your thing, you should ABSOLUTELY wear them on your wedding day.   


Wedding Flats

And at last, if your worst nightmare is having to teeter down the aisle in stilettos or you're having a fancy destination beach do, then you'd probably be best considering a pair of stylish but ridiculously comfortable flats for your wedding shoes.

And there you have it, pretty much everything you could possibly need to know about wedding shoes, as well as a ton of images and inspiration for finding the perfect pair. Good luck on your quest and remember that you can sport absolutely any kind of shoe you want on your wedding day. Or multiple pairs. Yes, we just gave you permission to buy as many shoes as you like. 

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