Who said you had to wear white or ivory on your wedding day? Not us! It's your day, your way, always. So, if you want to wear, grey, purple, yellow or pink, you absolutely go for it. A subtle hint of blush or a dark and mysterious grey will look just as striking as sartorial choices amongst your black-tie wedding or relaxed outdoor reception. We've rounded up all our favourites from our real wedding archives to inspire you. Don't forget to pin your favourites because you're not going to want to forget these in a hurray.


We've seen everything from soft baby pinks and peaches to vibrant fuchsias, and we love them all! Each gown complementing the wedding and brides' personality perfectly. Jessica's peach dress matched the golden sunlight at her outdoor Australian wedding and Hannah's blush pink silk dress with velvet brocade was designed because she couldn't find what she was looking for in bridal boutiques.


Red: the colour of passion, and the colour of so many Rock My Wedding real brides' gowns. Laura wore hers to her New Year's Eve wedding and was flanked by her bridesmaids in navy dresses. You can't get much more festive than that right?! And, Francesca swapped her vintage wedding dress for a red short and sparkly dress for the evening. It matched her lipstick and vibrant personality perfectly.


Black is not normally a colour associated with weddings but oh my should it be. The ultimate in sophistication, whether that be a black-tie suit, a bridal party in black dresses or indeed a black wedding dress. Every element reminds you of luxury. Real bride Jade teamed her high low black wedding dress with Dr Marten boots and looked effortless running through the glen with her husband in a tartan kilt.


What better way to incorporate 'something blue' into your wedding than your dress! Ranging from baby blues through to deep indigos. We love how Julia's blue tulle skirted gown matched the ocean at her coastal Corfu wedding. Similarly, Madeline's custom made Claire la Faye gown made from the finest tulle matched the moody skies at her Irish castle wedding.


Close on the colour wheel to blue is grey. From matt finishes to shiny metallics the options and fabric choices are endless. Clare wore a fitted silver wedding dress to her gothic wedding with an exquisite ruffle skirt, high neck and long sleeves. It looked killer teamed with her floral headdress. Joey's Auntie persuaded her to try on her preloved grey Vera Wang dress and once on she instantly knew it would be perfect for her Winter wedding. She waited a whole year to wear her gown, having a baby in between and felt like a princess on the day.


If there is ever a time to sparkle, it on your wedding day. Gold is a warm hue suiting most skin tones, it's no wonder it's a popular choice. The fact gold is associated with wealth, wisdom and happiness also adds to its appeal. Who wouldn't want those qualities on your wedding day and beyond?


Red, pink, blue and grey are just some of the more popular coloured wedding dress choices we've shared. But, we've also shared lilacgreen, and yellow wedding dress inspiration and very much look forward to sharing more pastel and bright hues in the future.

Now that we've shown you a spectrum of coloured wedding dresses, and a variety of styles and weddings, we hope we've inspired you to think outside the box. When we say it's your day your way, we really mean it! And if you're just starting your wedding dress buying journey, listen to our 'Buying your Wedding Dress' Podcast with Becky and Charlotte for lots of tips and advice.

Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

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