I'm Amy, a modern wedding photographer for weirdos in love. I specialise in creative portraiture & documentary photos, which means genuine candid shots of your guests and epic portraits of you both.


What is a modern wedding photographer?

I pride myself on shooting in a modern and contemporary style to keep your wedding photos looking fresh, because you don't want the same photos as the ones your mum and dad got in 1993, right? Modern wedding photography means a more bespoke service, because every couple and their wedding are unique and should be documented as such. I have a rich history of music, fashion, event and conceptual photography, so I'm used to working with lots of different people and bringing out the best in them. You'll feel super comfy working with me while I make you look like the rockstars you truly are.

Do you shoot around the UK/in Europe/internationally?

Yes I bloody do! I shoot all over the UK and I can book up to 2 destination weddings a year anywhere in the world. All of my packages, for UK and destination weddings, include some travel/accommodation expenses, so please let me know where you're thinking of getting married so I can start getting excited with you!

We know you're a modern photographer, but do you still shoot traditional moments?

OF COURSE! There are still many time honoured moments in a wedding, such as cutting the cake, first dance, bouquet toss, family portraits, that I absolutely love to photograph. I have loads of tips on how to make these tradional elements less-cringe, not-awks and super fun, adding some modern elements to make them feel more like you. Yer nan bloody loves a good cake cutting photo.

What is your coverage?

I shoot full days, which are between 8-12 hours. I used to split my packages up by time (i.e. 8 hours, 10 hours etc), but to keep things simple and fair I now have 2 full day packages; a standard one with minimal physical products but loads of photos, and a luxury one bursting at the seams with swanky products like albums and USBs etc, and even more photos! All of my packages include 2 hours of prep up to 30-45 mins after first dance - I'll see you from bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning to a bit smudged and blurry around the edges in the evening.

How do we book you?

Firstly, wise choice; I'm dead nice and I'll quickly become your wedding bestie. Secondly, you can enquire with me through Rock My Wedding, or you can head over to my website and fill in my enquiry form with as much info as you can - funny stories about your dating life, proposal, your kids etc is very welcome. Bonus points if you swear a bit! I will then reply with my packages. You can also spend some time perusing my dead good website while you wait. Then we have a video consultation for a good gab and a laugh. Then you pay a reservation fee, sign a contract and BOOSH! You're in the Faith club.


Okay so I am sobbing. We both are. The are absolutely fucking phenomenal. I actually can't get over how good these photos are. So much better than we even imagined. Honestly, you are the BEST.

Fran & Dan

Amy, everything about you and your service has been simply EXCEPTIONAL! Every person who has seen the photos has commented on how unique/beautiful they are. You are so very talented! Thank you so much for bringing back all the wonderful memories of the day! We can’t stop looking though them!

Rachel & Ste

Oh my god!!!!! AMY! These sneak peek photos are unreal. You are officially the best decision I made for the wedding. Amy you are a rockstar! Thank you so much.

Lizzie & TOM

How can I put this... FUCK. ME. You are amazing! Watching that slideshow brought all the gorgeous memories flooding back. Thank you so much for all you brought to our day. We are in love!!!

Luxy & Jez

Wow! Me and Lauren are both blown away by the photos you’ve sent! So proud to get to have you as our photographer! We’ve never seen anything anywhere near as good as these!!! We’ve already sent them to our family and their reactions were huge!!!

Neil & Lauren

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