Your wedding fairy godmother is here! That’s right, we’re here with 40 wedding table centrepiece ideas to help you in your hour of wedding planning need. The wedding breakfast is the moment when everyone gets comfortably seated to eat a delicious meal and listen to hilarious and emotional wedding speeches all whilst getting merry and ready for the big party. But whilst everyone is seated they’ll not only be admiring you, the good vibes and love in the room, but your decor as well. So, if you are having table centrepieces, what will you choose? Let us inspire you…

40 wedding table centrepiece ideas all your guests will love!

Tall Table Centrepieces

Going for a traditional round table for your wedding day has many benefits. You can speak to everyone you're sat with a lot easier and you can play around with the layout of the room a little bit more. However, a traditional-styled centrepiece might block your Uncle Bob's view of Cousin Debbie and limit some conversation. So, opting for a tall centrepiece is not only a show-stopping statement that will make all your guests say WOW as they walk into your reception but it will ensure all the guests seated around a table can all see each other. At the same time, if you're having some seating plan issues all we're saying is...think tactically!

Floral Wedding Table Centrepieces

You can never go wrong with a floral wedding table centrepiece. Whilst it might be more expensive to get coloured plates, cutlery, glassware, and stationery to match your colour scheme, you can always use a stunning flower arrangement to bring in the colour for you! Keep it simple with a collection of bud vases or go for a full-on arrangement. Plus, pairing your table name signage with your centrepiece will always look so pretty!

Pampas Grass Table Centrepieces

If you're having a boho, rustic, or destination wedding then a pampas grass wedding table centrepiece could be the choice for you. The illustrious plumes give a little va va voom and instantly have a luxe feel to them. Plus, pampas grass can be dyed! If you want to add a pop of colour to your tablescape it's a great choice. Pampas grass also works really well with dried wedding flowers. If you'd like to re-purpose your centrepieces, why not consider dried wedding flowers or preserved wedding flowers?

White Wedding Table Centrepieces

What's the most popular colour for wedding tablescapes? Well, it has to be white! If you're going for a classic and traditional vibe for your day, then an all-white tablescape is perfect. Gypsophila, orchids, and roses are also all very popular choices for a white colour scheme. These just look like a complete dream.

Wood Slice Table Centrepieces

If you want something a little different, try out a wood slice wedding table centrepiece. Great for rustic barn weddings, these wood slices act as a glorious rustic tray to hold a few decorative items. Add on some bud vases, a terrarium, candles or fairy lights, your table name/number signage, and voilà! These are great if you're considering working some DIY magic on your tablescape as they can be put together relatively easily. Because you can mix 'n' match with the decor on the wood slices and make it all very personal to your day, you could even make each table have a different theme according to their name!

Tree Wedding Table Centrepieces

Why do something simple when you can go all out? Like these luxury weddings, why not go for a whole tree wedding table centrepiece? If you're going for the enchanting fairytale vibe for your big day, add a tree onto some or all of your wedding tables! Use the natural style of your wedding venue to maximise the effect of a tree centrepiece. If your wedding is all rustic and botanical with a cosy barn or woodland area, this makes sense for you. Similarly, if you've decided on a luxe country house or castle, just add to the vibes with the trees!

Autumnal Table Centrepieces

Spring and summer centrepieces are often very floral (as already shown above) with bright or pastel colours. Winter weddings often have a lot of white and red with winter wedding decor like baubles thrown in. But autumn weddings really allow you to decorate with seasonal items. Of course, we mean pumpkins! By adding in some autumn leaves, pampas grass, pumpkins, and a colour palette of orange, red, and brown, you have the ultimate autumnal wedding table centrepiece! Just take a look at this gorgeous autumnal inspiration!

How gorgeous are these centrepiece ideas? All these colours are incredible!

So once you have your wedding table centrepiece sorted, you'll be looking at what else you need to get your wedding breakfast looking beautiful. And we have everything you need! From 10 stylish table plan ideas to fun ways to serve your food and drink (think popcorn and s'mores stations or coffee vans), we have it all!

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Written by Leah Blundell

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