Archie and Abigail - Always Authentic. We're the perfect team for your wedding. Photography and coordination all in one place! Based in Loughborough, but available worldwide. What are your plans?


Do you shoot as a team?

Archie is the primary photographer, but whenever a second is required then it'll usually be Abigail! We're a match made in heaven when there's a lot going on.

How many images do you provide?

We never put a minimum or maximum for our coverage, but for most full day events we deliver around 400-600 images. Sometimes more, sometimes less - our motto is 'if we think you'll like it, then it gets delivered'.

Do you watermark your images?

Hell no - Watermarking images should have died a long time ago! All the images we send through are yours to use as you'd like. There's no extra hidden fees after you've booked.

Do you travel?

We're based in the midlands, but we'll travel anywhere for a good wedding! We've worked in America, the Caribbean, Kenya, France, Italy, and even Wales!

How long will you be there for?

We don't put any time limits on our coverage - we usually arrive around two hours before the ceremony, and we keep shooting late into the evening. No reason to leave a good party eh?!


We can’t say enough about how fantastic you both were over the whole weekend. Full of fun, encouraging, and positive - not to mention all the beautiful moments you captured!

Sam and Phil

Thank you so much for being such wonderfully talented and generally awesome humans! Anytime I hear someone’s getting married - your name is the first out my mouth, I just can’t recommend you enough.

Ellie and Tyler

Thank you so much! We will never forget how you supported us on the day itself, taking the stress away, making us laugh, and guiding us through it all - doing way more than we could have ever expected.

Sanat and Sophie

Oh my goodness! They’re incredible! We absolutely love them! I can’t believe how many gorgeous pictures you’ve captured, now we need to go and print them all! Thank you for an amazing day and all of those brilliant images!

Shannon and Ryan

Guys we adore them!!! Simple as! They are exactly what we were looking for, and I can’t believe how much you both managed to capture, especially when we had no idea you were there! I really don’t think we could be happier!

Ellie and Jack

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