Brighten up your wedding day with these 40 best yellow wedding theme ideas. This week, we’re sharing yellow wedding theme ideas from flowers to cakes to wedding dresses and stationery to get you in an eternally sunny mood. Yellow is a colour for weddings we just love because it’s not only super versatile but how can you not smile when you see that colour? From mellow and dreamy pastel yellows to vibrant and bold citrus yellows, we’ve rounded up the best shades to use on your wedding day. What does the colour yellow mean? Yellow is the colour of joy, hope, confidence, and new beginnings. If that’s the vibe you want to bring to your wedding day, then let’s get into it…

The 40 best yellow wedding theme ideas for your spring/summer wedding 

Yellow bridesmaid dresses

We just love yellow bridesmaid dresses! Yellow can often have a reputation of being kind of sickly where it either washes out your skin tone or makes it look like the colour is wearing you. In actual fact, all that means is that you’ve got the wrong shade. Try pastel lemon yellows and vibrant canary yellows to deeper mustard yellows. What you’ll actually find, is that yellow bridesmaid dresses will make all your bridal party feel confident. We’ve put together some of the most stunning yellow bridesmaid dresses from high street to luxury fashion brands. 

Yellow wedding dresses and groom suits 

What about a coloured wedding dress or adding a pop of colour to your groom's suit? These yellow wedding dresses are made for brides with a naturally sunny disposition. Whether you’re opting for a destination wedding or an earthy boho or rustic vibe, these gowns ensure that no one can upstage the bride. For grooms, adding a yellow tie or yellow waistcoat adds a lightheartedness and playful element to what is usually a very traditional look. We love it! 

Yellow wedding cakes 

A yellow wedding theme is perfect for spring and these yellow wedding cakes are just incredible. Wedding cakes are often used as a decoration piece as well as a yummy sweet treat, so incorporating your wedding theme into your cake is ideal to make your overall theme more cohesive. Yellow wedding cakes equal lemon flavouring and who could resist a bit of citrus? Take a look at these spring wedding cakes for some more ideas! 

Yellow wedding theme decor 

The most aesthetically pleasing part of any wedding is the tablescape. Sorry, we had to say it. Our Pinterest doesn’t lie. The table decor is a thing you should never underestimate. The best part about a yellow wedding theme is that it’s a primary colour, so it pretty much pairs beautifully with any other colour. Yellow and blue? Yellow and pink? Yellow and orange? Yes, yes, and absolutely yes! What about including some limoncello shots as favours as the perfect finishing touch? Take a look at our unique wedding favours article for some more ideas. 

Yellow wedding stationery 

Okay, so if you’re main colour palette is neutrals and you’re just deciding on one colour to use as your accent, we couldn’t recommend yellow for that more. Just look at this wedding stationery and signage as an example. An all-white tablescape with yellow place names? Gorgeous! Having a retro wedding? Yellow, orange and green are the colours you need. We’ve got a total guide to on-the-day wedding stationery to make sure you don’t miss a thing! 

Yellow wedding flower ideas 

What flowers are you going to choose for your wedding? Well, you might want to consider the meanings of the flowers before you choose them. No one wants to accidentally use a flower that means bad luck or unfaithfulness for their wedding. You also should consider how the meanings change based on colour. Yellow is the colour of joy, new beginnings, hope and confidence. Take a look at our wedding flowers based on your birth month article to find out which flowers you should have at your wedding and the meanings behind them!

Yellow is the ultimate colour of happiness and your wedding is one of the happiest days of your life, these two just make sense together 

Yellow and weddings are like peanut butter and jelly, Ben and Jerry, macaroni and cheese (we’re writing this at lunchtime, so apologies for all the food-related items,) but the point is, they just go together! However, if you’re not feeling the yellow, take a look at our orange wedding theme ideas or our pink wedding theme ideas for some more stunning colour inspiration. You could even combine the themes all together! 

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Written by Leah Blundell

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