Deciding on your wedding bouquet is such a fun part of the planning process! But maybe you don't know anything about flowers, or you have no idea what kind of vibe you want, or what shape might match your wedding outfit the best. Don't worry! This handy guide to wedding bouquets will answer all your questions and more. Plus, this article goes into some of our most popular styles with inspiration from our real weddings.

Our guide to wedding bouquets with ideas and inspiration from real weddings

Autumnal Wedding Bouquets

Autumn weddings are becoming so popular! Not only because autumn weddings are slightly cheaper (because they're not in the busy summer months) but because of the beautiful colour palette! The orange, beige, and toffee tones with hints of red and green are just so beautiful. If you style them with some pampas grass or sunflowers they have the perfect relaxed boho vibe.

Oversized Wedding Bouquets

If you're wanting to make a statement with your bouquet go for something oversized! If your bride or groom outfit/s is more simple and laidback, then going for that maximalist vibe with your flowers creates such a botanical vibe to your day. Or if your wedding day is simply going to be an all-out lavish affair, you need flowers to match.

Cascading Bouquets

Can we just admire how beautiful these cascading bouquets are? Wow! In a similar way to the oversized flowers, these certainly make a statement. But perhaps in a more subtle way. The cascade flowing downwards rather than out wide still brings your attention to the person holding them, rather than on the large bouquet.

Pink Bouquets

Pink is seen by many as the colour of love, romance, and elegance. Whether it's a soft blush pink or a brighter, vibrant magenta, a pink wedding bouquet is always going to be perfect for any kind of wedding day! Pink for weddings has, and always will be, a classic choice because of its ability to complement so many other colours so well! Your bridesmaids could wear any colour dress and a pink bouquet would look perfect. Personally, we can't get enough of a green and pink colour palette!

Rose Wedding Bouquets

Roses symbolise romance, love, beauty, and courage. But the more popular choice of roses at weddings is white and pink. More specifically, both symbolise loyalty, true love, purity, innocence, gratitude, and admiration. How romantic! If you're into the symbolic meaning behind flowers more so than just what they look like, then a rose bouquet could be for you.

Tropical Wedding Bouquets

Having a destination wedding somewhere hot? A festival theme wedding? Or maybe you'd just like to have something more vibrant and fun? Then these tropical bouquets should be giving you all the inspiration you need. With some exotic anthuriums, birds of paradise, and orchids, these bouquets give off a more unique and modern vibe. With our real wedding inspiration below, you can see how versatile you can be with these kinds of bouquets!

Wildflower Bouquets

Wildflower bouquets have really started to take off! Especially with the rise of rustic barn/farm weddings. Embracing that natural look adds a magical whimsical vibe to your wedding day. But these wedding bouquets are also becoming more popular because they're the more sustainable option! So if you'd like to make more eco-conscious decisions, consider getting one of these!

Round Wedding Bouquets

Looking for something more simple? These smaller round bouquets offer just that. Often consisting of just one type of flower, either roses, tulips, or peonies, these bouquets are perfect for more minimal-style weddings. Or perhaps you just have a tighter budget, or you'd like to go for a smaller bouquet because it won't distract from the main look you'll be wearing as you walk down the aisle. If you want all the focus on you, a round bouquet acts as more of an accessory than a show-stealer!

Other Ideas

We've also included just a few more extra ideas to help achieve the look you might want with your bouquet. Maybe you want to choose a rarer flower like this Icelandic giant poppy or include some colourful bunny grass or go for a luxe vibe with some white feathers. We think they all look incredible! 

How could you not have the best day of your life, if you have a bouquet like one of these? 

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