We at Rock My Wedding love a DIY project. Whether it's decor, clothing, games, drinks, or anything else at your wedding, there is an abundance of benefits. Aside from the obvious creative advantages, DIYs are great for the environment. Reusing materials, whatever they may be, which otherwise would go to waste, saves a lot of precious space from landfills. DIY wedding projects also mean you can reuse them as much as you want after your big day. Not only are they environmentally advantageous, but DIYs save money, and allow you to bond with other creatives/family members. So, we thought we'd round up all of the weddings we've featured that included lots of DIYs and show off just how wonderful they can be. If you want some visual aids, our TikTok has a lot of easy DIY videos that you can follow for your own decor, too.

It's DIY roundup time - so grab your favourite colour paint, and let's get cracking!

Henley Brewery Wedding with DIY Decor

To start off, we've got Hillary & Ciaran's wedding at Henley Brewery. Not only was it a beautiful and heartfelt ceremony, but the couple proved to be very crafty in terms of DIY. Hillary said that "DIY is wonderful and really adds a personal touch to your wedding", and we couldn't agree more! Lots of their wedding was done by themselves, and most prominently, the brilliant "Just Married" sign along with the colourful and traditional tin cans hanging off Ciaran's wheelchair. Simple, but so effective, touching, and all around excellent!

DIY Wedding Sign For Rustic Wedding

The title says it all - Steph & Will's DIYed wedding sign was one of the many fantastic aspects of their gorgeous, rustic wedding. The couple happen to be an interior designer and a carpenter, so it's safe to say they love a bit of crafting. They bought block-printed fabric as tablecloths for the banquet tables, and they also made the wedding sign from an old pallet. The wedding sign was also hand painted, and added a beautiful, personal touch to their day. Not only that - they even made up a fancy dress box. Can you get artsier than that?

Marquee Wedding in Norfolk

Storm & Richard ensured that every part of their special day felt just like them. It's safe to say that they succeeded! According to Storm, she or someone she loved made almost everything at their DIY marquee wedding. Talk about dedication! Storm is an illustrator, so she was able to do some beautiful stationery designs. The flowers and table decor were all done by themselves, too. Not to mention the chalkboard table plan and other decorative bits here and there! The authentic, personal touches just ooze out of each photo.

DIY Garden Wedding & Homemade Wedding Dress

Not many people can say they made their wedding dress themselves - but this bride certainly can. Kathleen & Adam's summery, fun garden wedding in Bedfordshire was made even more fantastic when we found out she not only made her own wedding dress, but the four satin bridesmaid dresses as well! We're not jealous... you are! It's nowadays a lot more common to find DIY decor at weddings (and we love to see it!), but handmade dresses, not as much. So when we do see them, it's important to stop and really revel at the moment. And revel we shall!

DIY Garden Wedding Reception

Where do we even begin with Emma & Jonny's boho summer wedding? The reception took place at Emma's family home alongside the wildflower meadow - stunner! The tent was set up by the family and enough DIYed bunting to fulfil all of our summer garden fantasies. Emma's mum made the canapes, the horse box bar was constructed by one of Emma's three brothers, and the second staffed it with his housemates. The third decorated his old Mazda for their wedding ride. Family first, and DIYers second! Everything about this wedding will make your heart sing - trust us.

Wedding Gin Bar And 1000 Paper Cranes For A Stylish Outdoor Wedding At Millbridge Court

If you're a fan of gin, look no further than Nat & Tom's wonderfully stylish and personal wedding. Not only is Nat a wedding stationery designer, meaning the stationery was glorious in every way, but there were so many other DIY touches that added some sparkle to the day. The wedding gin bar has to be at the top of the list - a complete DIY victory! Made from an old ladder with flowers and foliage draping from it, the gin bar was not only super handy and beautiful to look at, but it also was a nod to the couple's love of gin. Win-win!

DIY Artificial Wedding Bouquet & Football Final

This one is for the football lovers among you. Becca & Wade celebrated their love surrounded by friends, food, and DIY. What's not to love? With the help of a creative friend, they created the most gorgeous artificial wedding bouquet and table/venue decorations. Not only that, the bouquets were reusable, so all the bridesmaids could take them home as a little gift. Ten points for sustainability! Wade's dad also created the epic surfboard table plan from an old board that the two had. Painted with wood effect paint and whiteboard paint allowed them to wipe it clean afterwards, and be used as a guest book. Another 20 points for sustainability!

Homemade Wedding Bouquet & Dress

Another one for the DIY bouquet fans out there! Beth and Alex's wedding certainly didn't get hung up on traditions or the finer details. Their day was made interesting to say the least by it being mid-pandemic as well as the wettest day on record, but the couple prevailed, and prevailed in style, might we add! Beth's mum made her dress from scratch. It was a collaborative design process, meaning she could wear the couture dress of her dreams. And the matching DIY bouquet was a real feast for the eyes. The handprinted invitations were DIYed too - we just can't get enough!

Fabric Wedding Sign

Lydia & Ed's wedding was cool from start to finish. The DIYed marquee, chill-out dome, fabric wedding sign, invitations, flower growing, flower girl dresses, signs, swings and the incredible cakes all made it that much cooler. The couple, their family and their close friends put a lot of effort in - and it definitely paid off. It created a day that was completely unique, and their personalities really shone through. It also just looked fantastic.

Wedding Reception At Home

Every element of Rebecca & Thomas' at-home wedding had a lovely personal touch. Whether it was the geometric wooden frame built by the groom, or the bride's embroidered chapel-length veil which included the wedding date, tiny bees and blossoms, you're bound to find some inspiration here. They also brought lots of their furniture and photos into their garden. Not only does this give the whole day a relaxed, homely feel, but it also means cutting down on single-use wedding decor. Yet another score for sustainability!

DI-Why don't you try out some of these bits and bobs for your own wedding?

Whether you're a crafty, artsy kind of person or a complete DIY novice, we're sure you'll have found some inspiration within this roundup. As mentioned before, DIYing not only looks very cute and personal, but it is also fantastic for the environment. If you want to try and make your big day as green-thumbed as possible, then our roundup of eco weddings will certainly be of help. Looking for a wedding dress, decor, or accessories, but want to keep it sustainable? Then Recycle My Wedding is your answer. Finally, if you want to hear about climate-friendly weddings on the move, then our podcast episode on sustainable weddings has got you covered.

Sasha Kirkham

Written by Sasha Kirkham

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