We're really lucky here at Rock My Wedding to see some of the most original and stylish ways to decorate your wedding day, and one of our favourite decor items is the table plan. An essential part of the decor, helping guests to find their seats, but also a great way to continue your wedding styling.

Wedding table plan ideas

We love a table plan so much, we've dedicated a whole episode of our Podcast to it! There are SO many fantastic wedding table plan ideas out there for how to make your table plan look gorgeous, but here are 10 of our recent favourites.


Perspex has been everywhere this year - it looks clean, stylish, and super sleek and can be designed to suit any style of wedding, as you can see in our examples. You can either DIY or get in touch with one of our Recommended stationers for an idea of the process involved and the cost.


Copper has been the metallic colour of choice this year - a little harder-edged than rose gold, but with the warmth that silver sometimes lacks, this shade is just perfect for wedding styling. The examples below couldn't be more different, but all are really striking. Hanging copper pipes make a really interesting piece of decor, and the classic frame looks beautiful at the entrance to your wedding reception venue.


My favourite of the bunch of wedding table plan ideas - the minimal design. These table plans are easy to read, but look really striking and just need a simple floral flourish to shine.

Hanging Details

The hanging table plan is going nowhere - we love how pretty these look and if you're having a destination wedding (or get married in a heatwave) it's a lovely piece of decor for outside too.

Peg Board

The peg board table plan is a great option as it can be changed if any last minute cancellations come in. They also look really stylish and you're left with a fun item for your home afterwards - it's a win win purchase.


If you're having escort cards, rather than a table plan (escort cards show you which table you're sitting at, but the seats at the table aren't necessarily allocated to specific people) then using shutters is a wonderful way to display them. They provide a natural place to slot the cards and provide a striking piece of decor to fill space in your venue.


If you want to make a statement with your table plan, then the ideas below are the ones for you. Both have bespoke frames with large table plans within them and we love the sense of structure they create.


This wedding table plan idea has to be the most original I've ever seen - Helaina Storey explains how it worked - 'the entire wheel spun around and each ‘carriage’ contained a card, listing the names of which guests were to be seated at each table! Made by Wood and Wood executed our ideas absolutely perfectly and the craftsmanship and attention to detail blew everyone away!'


For a softer, more romantic touch, we love linen table plans, printed or hand painted - they make a really striking piece of decor and look gorgeous hanging inside or out.

For help creating the table plan of your dreams, then visit our Recommended suppliers, where you'll find a plethora of incredible suppliers who will be able to help create something completely bespoke for your wedding day. And don't forget to listen to our podcast episode all about table plans. If you're more into DIY, then we have a DIY glass bottle table plan or a DIY hoop table plan

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Written by Fern Godfrey

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