Trees at wedding venues were made for decorating. And if you're looking for wedding tree decoration ideas, you're in for a treat. We’ve teamed up with Hobbycraft to share an extremely easy yet effective DIY tutorial for a wedding tree decoration of a family tree that makes an impressive installation. The latest decor trend you need in your arsenal is the humble embroidery hoop and to create the full display, you only need a few bits and pieces. If you’re after last-minute wedding decor, you can easily pull this together along to add final touches, all available on next-day delivery from Hobbycraft.

Wedding tree decoration ideas

Displaying family wedding photos at your own nuptials is a wonderful way of including your parents, grandparents, and siblings in your big day. You can display on any backdrop in your venue that’s suitable. We chose to use a gorgeous apple tree to make the perfect setting for a family tree, but you could easily hang this from an archway or beams, depending on the venue.

Props required for embroidery hoop wedding DIY

What you will need:

Embroidery hoops
Family photos
Mini pegs
Wired flowers

Step one:

Split the embroidery hoop into two parts.

  • Using the smaller inner as a guide, cut a length of ribbon around two and a half times the length of the embroidery hoop.
  • Wrap around the length of the hoop and secure across the middle using a pin, glue or tape. Slot the outer ring over the inner hoop.

Wind ribbon around hoop and secure

Step two:
  • Take a selection of the Pink Wired Rose Heads. These flowers are really easy to use as they come prewired and wrap securely around the hoop. I like to work in uneven numbers so suggest using 3 or 5 florals for a good distribution. You could also use these florals for decorating your cake or around favour tags for an extra flourish.

Add wired flowers to the hoops

Step three:
  • Find a selection of wedding photos featuring members of both of your families. We printed ours in a polaroid style format and secured in place with a mini wooden peg. I still have a stash of these mini pegs from my own wedding and find them so useful for displaying photos.

Secure family photo in place

Step four:
  • You could also decorate the other side of the hoop with flowers and photos too if you plan to hang from a surface where both sides will be visible.
Step five:

It's time to hang your hoops! You could install the hoops across a screen or trellis or just hang from the wall. However, we wanted to bring in a fun, playful element and hang from a tree to fully bring the concept of a family tree to life. You could also use hanging embroidery hoops to make a unique table plan or to display some of your favourite florals above your cake. There are endless possibilities!

For The Hanging Installation - You Will Need

Cotton, ribbon, wire or twine
A selection of faux florals
Faux tealights
Peg board or signage
Confetti balloons and garlands


Step one:
  • Firstly string your embroidery hoops to varying heights threading wire, ribbon, cotton or twine through the metal fastening at the top of the hoop.
  • The apple tree we used already had nails in place from previous bird feeders, however there was also many smaller branches plus the natural bark of the tree which provided a great surface to hang from. Please do ask your venue before using any nails.

Hang hoops on tree

Step two:
  • Add the hoops to the tree and then also add in a selection of glass holders for tealights and florals again strung at various heights. We used Hanging Glass Tea Light Holders and Hanging Glass Bubble Tea Light Holders which would also make great vessels for small floral stems across your venue, on your cake table or guest book area.
  • We filled the holders with a selection of Faux Tealights and a variety of Faux Flowers from Hobbycraft's selection cut down to size to fill the vessels.

Hang variety of flowers and hoops

Step three:
  • Position a sign in place to tell all your guests about the installation. We used a Peg Board which would also make a great dance floor or guest book sign and propped it against a vintage ladder but you could also hang from the tree on a ribbon.

Add peg board sign

Step four:
  • Add Confetti Balloons with Ivy Garlands as a final finishing touch (which always make a fabulous photo opportunity) and watch your guests flock to your family tree!

It's such a great way of displaying family photos and adding atmosphere to the garden or outdoor space at your wedding. We hope you have a great time putting this DIY together.

Lauren C

Written by Lauren C

Props & DIY Items: Hobbycraft
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