If you've found us here then it's likely you have already decided that you're going to have a wedding film. Hurrah! We think moving images are just as important as stills so we're thrilled for you that you're going to have something to look back at over the years to come of how very happy you were on your wedding day. To make sure you have found the right wedding videographer for you, take these questions along to your consultation to make sure you have all the information.


Drop them on an email or take these along to your consultation. 
  1. Between what hours will you be available to film our wedding?
  2. If we want you to be there longer than your standard hours - how much is that?
  3. Do you charge for travel expenses?
  4. Are you able to capture both of us getting ready?
  5. How long is the film and in what format can they be supplied?
  6. Do you get a highlight film as well as the full length film? And how long are those?
  7. Do you offer an engagement shoot as part of the package or is that additional cost?
  8. Are you fully insured? And what does this cover
  9. can we choose the music to go with our film?
  10. How is best to prep you for the elements we want including?
  11. Do you know our venue? If not do you arrive early to scope it out?
  12. Is there anything you need from us to make your job easier and to ensure you capture everything you/we want to?
  13. Do you know our venue?
  14. How long after the wedding will it be until we see our film and where does that happen? At your studio or are we sent them online?
  15. In what format will we receive the final film/s

How To Find a Wedding Videographer

With answers to all of those questions, you should feel super confident that you have the right filmmaker for you and happy going into your wedding day knowing exactly what to expect from the experience. If you'd like to hear more about what it's like to be a wedding videographer you can listen to our podcast episode where we put all your questions to filmmaker Simon Clarke of We Are The Clarkes. If you want to know where you can actually source one of these incredibly talented, quality videographers... And in your area, then you're in luck. Visit our Recommended Suppliers section to find excellent videographers who fall into a wide range of budgets. Your search has ended and you're on your way to finally ticking another thing off that wedding planning list.   

Becky Sappor

Written by Becky Sappor

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