There is nothing quite like the feeling of having a venue to yourself. Everyone seems to be that little bit more relaxed, less like a guest and more like themselves. It creates camaraderie as everyone knows they're there for the same purpose. To see two people they love, tie the knot. But if you're wondering "What is exclusive use?" and would like to know some of the benefits of having a venue for your own, then this is the post for you.
Exclusive use is the hire of an entire venue, it's facilities and staff for a predetermined period of time. It's primarily suited to creating privacy for you and your guests throughout your entire wedding day. Many venues will have space for the bride to get ready in the morning if you choose to do so. Many venues also offer accommodation for the couple, the bridal party, the guests or all of the above. Meaning that from start, to finish, you would not have to encounter another soul other than your beloved guests or the venue staff. 
Benefits of Exclusive Use
  • Your guests can relax more
  • You have the time and space to really make the venue your own
  • Privacy and discretion
  • You have the full attention of the events managers and staff. They're focused on you and not juggling multiple couples needs.
  • Parents can rest in the knowledge that the venue is private and secure. 
  • All the guests share one thing in common, you and your beloved. An easy ice breaker.
  • You won't bump into another bride on your wedding day.
  • Your photos won't have any strangers wandering in the background.
  • If you choose to include accommodation, you won't have to venture far at the end of the night.
  • It's easier to create an experience for your guests and inject your own style when you're not sharing a venue with others. 
  • Guests are free to wander around and explore the beautiful space you've hired.
  • More quality time to spend with the people you love most!

After all that, if you have decided that exclusive use is the way to go for you, it's time to hop on over to our Recommended Suppliers list and find the perfect venue near you!

Naomi Liddell

Written by Naomi Liddell

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