Sometimes stripping back and letting nature do its thing really is inspiring in itself and the beautiful Apulian karst lands combined with the hand painted ceramics, delicate blooms and elegant Alessia Baldi gowns makes this a delightful collection of images by Valentina Oprandi to pore over and pin. Cristina Firotto event design really has executed a calm, tranquil and truly serene setting that oozes romance and love. Plus I now want my very own gold Ilaria_little things headpiece. SO pretty.


The Stylist: Apulia is a wonderful region, its unique landscape enchants anyone who, by choice or by chance, lands in his lands. It's so easy to fall in love with not wanting to leave it, its scenarios and colours abduct your senses and you can take the time to come back to find other places and add memories. Earth's miles that change nature and colour and character, which warms you warmly and gives you silence. Its traditions and its peculiarities attract visitors from all over the world, its olive groves, white houses, trulli and crystal clear sea. There is an area that few people know about and which has attracted so much attention to become the starting point of our project: the High Murgia, with its karst landscape, the stretches of plumage steppe, the typical local stone made from the quarry area. Telling this landscape so impressive, emphasizing its recognizable peculiarities, going into desert lands and respecting the character of this area by capturing what nature offers without altering its spirit, the peace of the senses of a beautiful area farm entirely made of Murgesian stone. We imagined the story of Anju and Vincenzo, promised bride & groom who have chosen the beautiful Apulia for their wedding. A masseria in the High Murgia, a fascinating court and the silence of the countryside. The bride prepares in the suite, dreams and dance embracing her bouquet waiting for the ceremony, a symbolic rite in the nearby karst expanse with few decorative elements. The sunset and the party time, a table deliberately set up using traditional local canoes with a stylistic touch: hand-painted ceramic, terracotta, pampas, dried oregano and candle light. All the warmth of this land told in a project, imagined and coordinated by the photographer Valentina Oprandi and the designer Cristina Firotto, perfectly interpreted by everyone: the calligraphic suite with the colours of the land of Giulia Poeticalligraphy, the scenographic floral- material setting made by Flower-addicted Angelica and the beautiful craft dishes provided by Dishesonly, the handmade macrame lace dress made by Alessia Baldi, the bronze and brass accessories of Ilaria_little things, the fresh and natural touch of Emilia Imbrogno's makeup .
Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

Event Design: Cristina Firotto | Florsit: Flower addicted | Wedding Dress: Alessia Baldi | Hairpiece: Littlethings | Hair & Makeup: Emilia Imbrogno | Calligraphy: Poeticalligraphy | Dishes: Dishesonly

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