The new Wild Love collection from Halfpenny London is exquisite. Truly stunning. Each and every piece is so unique and beautifully designed with the most gorgeous fabrics and embroidery. With separates, dresses and some wonderful capes of dreams this is one amazing collection. But then we would expect nothing less. We are excited to be able to share some exclusive images of the collection for you, shot by Lorenzo Agius, along with a Q&A with the designer herself, the wonderful Kate Halfpenny. So if you want to find out more about Kate's style and why Kate Moss is as big a fan as us then read on.
1. How has your brand/design style evolved over the last year? I think my style has evolved into something slightly more refined, with cleaner lines and incredible attention to detail. We've added more intricate embroideries and Embelishment that I've designed, so it's truly unique to us. And more delicious but unusual French laces and trims. 2. What/who are your biggest influences in fashion? Is their anyone up-and-coming you’ve got your eye on? I'm influenced by lots of different people, places and designers. I'm obsessed with the incredible work of giambattisa valli, his use of fabrics is amazing. I love Zac Posen for his clever cutting. He's a genius. And my heart will all be inspired by the timeless pieces of Dior past and present. 3. Is there a particular type of Bride you seem to attract? We are so lucky to have a very varied type and style of brides. The collection has something for everyone. It's so diverse. It helps with our interchangeable separates that you can create a really unique look for you. We often dress a bride and then her best friends and then her sisters all come to us for their wedding dresses. They can all have something totally individual to them, something special and perfect without looking anything like their friend or relative that had their wedding dress from us. 4. Tell us a little bit about the new collection/shoot - the inspiration and your vision for the collection. The new collection is called "wild love" and is inspired by English rose gardens, the fine details in the petals and the memories the smell of the flowers evoke of my child hood and summer. 5. Have you worked with any really creative Brides this year? I'm so lucky to work with creative brides all the time. This year has been particularly fun with brides that really want to push the boundaries. And quite of few of my brides this year have had 2 dresses for their weddings. 6. It feels like the 2017 collection is really bold and you’ve really defined your place in the Bridal market - does this reflect how you feel about the collection? Are you pleased with it? I'm so pleased with the new collection. Once the collection launches I'm curious as to how the brides will receive it. But I'm already designing the new collection. We're already in toile stage as were launching some new pieces in 8 weeks for New York bridal market. 7. And a cliched question, but is their a dress that has any particular significance to you? I love the Sylvie dress in this seasons collection. It was named after my son Sylvester who is 1 next week, it's the show piece of the collection. A real peacock in its style. Lots of silk embroidery and diamonte beads and bullion metal work. Utterly gorgeous like him. There's also the Kate Moss spotty tulle dress that we've recreated for the 2017 collection. Kate wore an epic red version and it's been used just recently for her Rimmel campaign as an icon dress of hers. I'm so flattered.   You can see the full Wild Love collection in our Look Book.
Lottie Manns

Written by Lottie Manns

Photography: Lorenzo Agius | Hair: Enzo Volpe at Mandy Coakley | Makeup: Veronica Martinez
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