99.9% of your guests will want to give you something to commemorate your day so make sure you actually get wedding gifts that are useful. Make their lives easier and get yourselves a wedding gift list.

The Best Wedding Gift Lists

Join Charlotte and Becky as they dispel common gift list misconceptions and enlighten you on what you can actually get on a gift list these days. Find out how to get those bigger maybe pricier items you’ve always coveted, or have you thought about experiences, or perhaps there is a charity that is close to your heart. There are so many ways to make the most of a wedding gift list. You know if you go to a wedding you want to give a gift, be it cash or something physical so help your guests out by sharing a gift is that you love. Plus, there's no having to designate a 'present watcher' on the evening of the wedding in case anything goes missing and no worries about cards getting separated from gifts and trying to figure out who got you what the next morning.

In the interest of fairness and to make your lives easier, we’ve reviewed all the top UK product based gift lists. We’re talking comparing fees, whether they offer cash, how flexible they are, and exactly what they offer. Check out this link to find the best gift list for you.


Episode 29

The Best Wedding Gifts

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