You've decided to make things easier on your guests by having a gift list, you've shopped around and now that you've chosen your service it's time to start building your gift list. Then the questions come... What should I put on my gift list? What do we need? How much are guests likely to spend? We thought it would be helpful to ask some Rock My Wedding couples who have had a wedding gift list what their favourite gift was and why. In order to give you some inspiration for all of the incredible options you can add. Over to the couples...


Yael & Michael - The Wedding Shop

Definitely the Dyson sad but it's super handy and I love cleaning. We also love the bowls we got - they are perfect for yummy homemade ramen.

Farrah & Jonathan - The Wedding Shop

Probably my favourite wedding gift was the charity donations. While all of the nice experiences for the honeymoon were so much fun, it really is a great feeling knowing you and your guests have helped make a difference to a cause you care about. We chose Shelter, and receiving an email of thanks from them was an amazing feeling.

Mahrya & Shahnaan - The Wedding Shop

We absolutely loved all our wedding gifts and use a lot of them every day! The Wedding Shop allowed us to pick exactly what we wanted for our home, and it gave us the chance to really think about what to add and what not to add. We could add and remove items easily, so it was really convenient! If we thought of something or saw something in a store that we liked, it was really easy to find it on The Wedding Shop and add it to our list.

Charlotte & Ian - Prezola

It’s really tough to choose, we had so many beautiful things on our list that we use every day and it’s so lovely to have that little reminder of someone who bought us the gift. Everyone who comes to our house and compliments us, our answer is ‘Prezola wedding list’ … it’s super special to pick things that we wouldn’t buy ourselves as well. 

Hard to say but our favourite is probably the fire pit, we are currently renovating our studio/ outside space and just can’t wait to be able to use it with the friends who bought it for us. 

Also adore our kinto amber mugs with wooden saucers, which we use daily. So definitely one or the other.

Lisa & Gareth - Prezola

Our favourite gift would have to have been the Weber and that's probably because being South African our Braai'ing culture (in British terms BBQ'ing :P) is strong and we use it every chance we get... Winter included. But to be honest everything about Prezola we loved, it's so user-friendly, such a fantastic choice of gifts and brands ranging from affordable to more elite, the delivery... we were just really impressed with it overall.

Joshua & Savanna - Prezola

Our favourite wedding gift was our blue bowl set (not entirely sure what they were called). But we love them and have been a firm and fun staple in our dinner service cupboard.

Sophie & Graeme - The Wedding Present Company

We were recommended to go with The Wedding Present Company by lots of our friends - we had heard the experience and collection were second to none... we weren’t disappointed! From the first contact Lucy was so helpful and supportive, even in restricted times we felt like the process was seamless. Some of our favourite brands available at The Wedding Present Company were Club Matters, Le Creuset, Nkuku, The Vintage List, Schott zwiesel, and Burleigh.

Amy & Natasha - Prezola

Our National Trust Memberships. We just love wholesome days together, so there is nothing we love more than packing up a picnic, exploring new places, and creating new memories together.

Hopefully hearing from some Rock My Wedding real couples on their most loved wedding gifts will help you solve the question of 'What should I put on my wedding gift list?'. And if you're still on the fence about whether or not to have a gift list in the first place, have a read of our Should I Have A Wedding Gift List? article to help you figure out an important part of your wedding planning puzzle. 

Naomi Liddell

Written by Naomi Liddell

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