Create your list at The Home of Gift Lists. We want your experience to be memorable, meaningful and most of all - fun. We’re here to help you build a dream gift list that's completely unique to you.


Why should we choose The Wedding Shop?

Choose The Wedding Shop for unrivalled choice of gifts, full flexibility and exceptional service.

What are the benefits of choosing The Wedding Shop?

We offer a truly personal service with an unlimited selection of gifts. You can build your list online, on our app or in one of our showrooms. We work with over 450 brands, giving you unrivalled choice. You can also combine products you love with honeymoon or charity contributions or personalised funds. We also offer free storage and delivery. Not to mention, your guests will love us too. When you choose The Wedding Shop you have full financial guarantee. And we offer a 10% lifetime discount. Start the fun part of wedding planning. Building your Wedding Shop gift list.

When should we set up our wedding gift list?

The perfect time to set up your wedding gift list is between 6-9 months before your wedding day. This will give you plenty of time to make your gift list personal to you before you send your wedding invites.

What is a wedding gift list?

A wedding gift list, or wedding registry, is a service provided for couples to create a list of desired wedding gifts for their friends and family to choose from. Your wedding guests will want to buy you a gift to celebrate your marriage, and having a gift list helps them to choose something that they know you will love. A gift list also keeps all your wedding gift admin in one place and allows you to let the technology do the work. So you'll know who to thank for what gift - clever!


We would absolutely recommend The Wedding Shop. We love how you can have a variety of gifts and experiences as well as sharing the cost of larger gifts between guests! It is simple, easy to navigate and personalise. Register now and visit a showroom…you never know what you want until you see it.

Charlotte & Lewis

Really lovely experience. The Shop experience is a real pleasure and the quality of their products are amazing. Really pleased from start to finish.


When we started to create our gift list, I initially felt awkward about including those luxuries that we wouldn’t normally purchase ourselves. However, from the start our guests insisted that they really wanted to give us extra-special items that we could cherish for years to come. Our personal Gift Guru played a big part in inspiring us throughout our gift list journey.

Claire and Scott

My fiance and I have had a truly wonderful experience with The Wedding Shop. With an international wedding, gifts had to be planned and The Wedding Shop provided us with the flexibility we needed and a beautiful range of gifts we felt truly blessed to receive from our friends and family


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