We think yes. Yep. Yup. Absolutely. Most definitely. Yes. There are tonnes of perks to having a wedding videographer. Photos are great and we love ’em. But there’s something about motion. Capturing the way you moved, the way you laughed, how your dress floated about the venue as the sun shone through the window, the words of the speeches, and the exchanging of vows. Memories to last a lifetime. And it’s not really about whether you think you’ll watch it every month or even every anniversary. It’s having the choice to watch it.

Wedding Films

Charlotte and Becky chat about their own wedding films, or lack thereof in Becky’s case. Also present is videographer extraordinaire Simon of We Are The Clarkes and he answers all of your burning questions about wedding videography; from what you can expect from a wedding film, to how to film it yourself if you just cant find the budget to get a professional in. He also edits and produces this podcast so it’s about time he had his say. Hopefully after listening to this episode having a wedding videographer will be right up near the top of your supplier priority list.

Should I Have a Wedding Videographer

One of Becky’s biggest regrets is not having a film of her day. She talks through the reasons why they decided not to have one and hopefully it will sway you to make sure you do have one. Sometimes we’re so intensely focused on what we will have for the day that we forget about what we have after it’s all over and how we keep all those memories alive.

Learn all about the process from Simon and get some amazing tips to make sure you have the best wedding video you can. And if you simply can’t budget for a videographer, learn how to successfully make your own.

And be sure to check out our list of Recommended suppliers to book the videographer of your dreams and take these questions along with you when you go for a consultation. And check out the wedding below for some epic wedding films.

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Episode 30

Should You Have A Videographer?

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Becky Sappor

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