Need some autumn wedding flowers? If your wedding is booked for the autumn months, you’re one lucky devil. The blooms of summer might be less abundant, but what replaces them is a resplendent display of rich tones and sculptural textures, found only in autumn wedding flowers! What styles are popular in the cosy fall season? How can you best care for autumn arrangements? Whether you choose to embrace the traditional warm red, brown and orange colour palette, decide to take advantage of the deep jewel colours or prefer a simple neutral or pastel palette, our incredible Recommended Suppliers, are here to with all the info about the blooms available during this transition season. 

36 best autumn wedding flowers with expert advice and inspiration from our Recommended florists

Autumn Wedding Flower Trends & Styles

There's something about the autumn season that draws a focus back to sustainability. It's when we get second-hand September, the harvest season (which always increases the giving spirit), and everyone gets that back-to-school, organising mindset. So it's no surprise that this is also adopted within autumn wedding flowers! There is a growing trend for locally grown flowers and some couples will choose to go with a florist who either grows their own or uses locally sourced flowers rather than imported. Typically, autumn flower arrangements include things like seed pods, berries, and bracken. Incorporating these things adds personality and is another sustainable choice as they can be found and/or foraged locally. Your wedding flowers will instantly tell a story about the time and place of your wedding, so it's important to reflect seasonality within your bouquet and other decor! The modernity of fresh flowers and dried grasses is so stylish!

Seasonal Wedding Flower Colour Palette

The seasonal palette definitely lends itself to the darker colours and autumn wedding flowers, however, it's possible to have a pastel vibe too! Think pale oranges, apricots, peaches and creams are all around at this time, too. You can always mix 'n' match with dark and light florals. Also, muted neutral tones with a hint of rust, rich burgundy or a pop of darker accents are popular too! So the winners are old rich berry and rusty orange colours, neutral toffee colours and some hints of pastels with dusky pinks and creams are perfect for the fall season, too!

What flowers are in season for autumn weddings?

Dahlias are are the real showstopper of the season. The flower actually symbolises commitment as well! Beautiful floaty florals such as Cosmos and Phlox are popular at this time. Many couples are interested in sunflowers, chrysanthemums and asters too. They can make for a rich, romantic arrangement combined with fluffy garden roses and pom pom dahlias. Using leaves and grasses is a way to bring a lovely organic, natural aspect. Hydrangeas are a great inclusion too, and lots of couples ask for them as they hold nostalgia for them. Everyone’s granny probably had hydrangeas in their gardens! Toffee roses are great for their unusual colour. Poppy and scabious seeds and Viburnum berries are perfect for that deep colour and texture amongst the autumn wedding flowers.

Autumn Wedding Flowers

Ranunculus, Roses (a host of varieties in season), Astrantia, Chocolate Cosmos, Sedum, Sunflowers, Clematis, Hydrangea, Carthamus, Orchids, Calla Lilies, Leucospermum, Yellow Craspedia, Trailing Amaranthus, Dahilas, Astilbe, Thistle, Protea, Anemones


Snowberries, Viburnum Berries, Brunia, Rose Hips, Pepper Tree Berries, Privet Berries, Blackberry, Physalis Chinese Lantern, Hawthorn Berries, Spindle Berries

Autumnal Foliage

Eucalyptus, Dusty Miller, Oak, Olive, Pittosporum, Leather Leaf, Royal Purple Leaf, Grasses, Agonis, Fern, Field Maple, Ivy


Feathers, Ribbons, Dried Fruit, Faux Berries, Seed Heads, Pine Cones, Turning Autumn Leaves, Mini Pumpkins

Autumn Wedding Bouquets

Colour and texture are key with autumn bouquets, you want your flowers to look and feel (emotionally) like autumn! In terms of bouquet shapes and styles, florists will usually take direction from the ingredients they are working with and the overall vibe of the wedding and bridal party attire. A beautiful finish such as a luxe velvet ribbon on bouquets and buttonholes can really work to bring in that warm autumn texture. We also love incorporating the season through shapes. Adding to the natural boho vibe of autumn, cascading bouquets with trailing foliage and autumn wedding flowers are just gorgeous!

Other Fall Wedding Flower Arrangements

A floral moongate, statement altar pieces, and rustic milk churns are always impactful at enhancing the autumn season. Autumnal arrangements have that messy textural natural look about them and seem to reflect the hedgerows and countryside at that time of year. It's almost like you want to make the most of all the fruits and berries that have grown over the summer, together with all the dried elements and throw everything in together.

Expert Floristry Tips For Keeping Your Autumn Wedding Flowers Fresh

Seasonal autumn wedding flowers actually tend to last longer than other seasons. Blooms like dahlias and chrysanthemums are very hardy, and with the slightly cooler temperatures, a wedding in this season is great for the flowers. It's like a natural fridge! If you’re working with organic, locally grown flowers, keep them in water for as long as possible, it’s always the best way to keep them looking fresh. Top tip: put the bouquets in vases and use them to decorate the venue, such as by the cake, after the wedding ceremony. As with all flowers, no matter the season, if they are conditioned well by a knowledgeable expert you shouldn't have any worries about them wilting or not looking their best on your big day!

Using autumn wedding flowers in your bouquets and decor will bring your wedding theme to life!

Flower Power!

Like what you see? If any of these autumnal wedding flowers have taken your fancy, you'll want to check out our Recommended Florists to get your dream wedding flowers!

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Autumn wedding flowers will go hand in hand with some autumn wedding cakes! That's right, we have all the seasonal wedding inspiration you need. What about bridesmaid dresses? Yep, we even have the best autumnal bridesmaid dresses, too! We're autumn girlies through and through!

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