If you've never considered a backyard wedding then take a seat, because Jason and Kirsten's beautiful day is about to change that. Whether it's the family built arbor they got married under or the touching knot tying ceremony, this multicultural wedding will have you feeling all the feels! That's before you've even seen the matching Nike trainers they wore. Or the intimate private vows they exchanged in the beautiful woodland near Kirsten's family home. Oh, and Jason's first look at Kirsten is just the cherry on top of the two tiered wedding cake! This one is for couples with serious style and for backyards everywhere. Your time is coming...

Intimate backyard wedding at family home with marquee, fairy lights and Made With Love wedding dress.

Remember why you are getting married. To marry the person you love and want to spend the rest of your life with. No matter what decisions you make along the way, and what you decide to do or not do, it will work out exactly how it is supposed to for the two of you!

Jason & Kirsten


After planning four weddings in two years, Jason and Kirsten couldn't wait any longer. Their backyard wedding was born! After they set up the fairy-lit marquee, wooden tables and florals, we're wondering why they ever planned it anywhere else? Kirsten wanted something dreamy, romantic and rustic, and it's safe to say that's what she got. Not to mention the handy woodland and lake nearby that made a beautiful backdrop for their couple portraits. If you want a real tug on the heartstrings then you need only glance at the shots of Jason and Kirsten reading their private vows to one another amongst the trees! (We take no responsibility for any tears, sobs or warm fuzzy feelings that may occur).


So we have to talk about the show-stopping white number. A perfectly fitting standout piece that is worn with such confidence and finesse that we've forgotten what life was like before we saw it. Of course, we're talking about Jason's tuxedo jacket... what can we say? We have to give good style the appreciation it deserves! Don't worry, we haven't forgotten Kirsten's gorgeous embroidered Made With Love dress that looks as dreamy as the constant smiles on the faces of these two. Happiness, style and love all go hand-in-hand for this multicultural backyard wedding, and we couldn't be bigger fans!

Wearing a statement jacket is a great way to up your groom style game!

Photography and videography were huge for us. We wanted to be sure we had talented people to capture the moment so we would remember the day for the rest of our lives!

Jason & Kirsten

If this was your first experience of a backyard wedding and you can't get over the wonderfulness of it all, then don't you worry! We've got plenty more garden weddings where this came from. If it was the white tuxedo that caught your eye, we've got just the groom and groomsmen suit roundup you need. 

Helena Milsom

Written by Helena Milsom

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