When it comes to putting your gift list together, I think luxurious bedding is probably at the top of most peoples lists. Who doesn't love diving into a bed that is soft, sumptuous and guarantees the perfect nights sleep? But what to choose? Which material to opt for? How important is thread count? What even is thread count?! ;) So with this in mind, we've asked our exclusive gift list partner, The Wedding Shop, for their expert advice when it comes to choosing which type of bedding to add to your list. And with 29 years in the industry, they certainly know a thing or two about choosing the best bed linen...
Cotton Bedding // The Wedding Shop Cotton is a natural fibre making it breathable. Pure cotton is one of the most popular choices for bedding; it’s comfortable, light weight low maintenance, versatile and affordable, making it the world's most widely used natural fibre. Cotton percale is a high-quality combed cotton which is made using a tight weave of 200 or more thread count. The closely woven fabric makes a smooth finish and high quality feel, perfect for bed linen.
{Egyptian Cotton}
Egyptian Cotton Bedding // The Wedding Shop Egyptian cotton is often regarded as the best material for crafting bed linen, thanks to the ideal cotton growing conditions in Egypt. The warm climate and rich soil in the Nile Delta create an exceptional-quality fibre with an extra-long staple. When woven this fine yarn creates smooth and long-lasting bed linen that requires minimal ironing. This natural fibre helps regulate body temperature and is renowned for its health giving benefits. Egyptian Cotton sheets are very popular in the summer months as they tend to stay cool.
{Natural Linen}
Natural Linen Bedding // The Wedding Shop Natural linen is made from the fibers of the flax plant and creates cool and breathable bedding. The natural fibres give linen a beautiful crisp and textured look. Linen is one of the world’s strongest natural fibers making linen bedding durable and long lasting.
Silk Bedding // The Wedding Shop Silk bedding provides both luxury and comfort as silk is hypoallergenic and is a best kept anti-aging secret. The smoothness of the fabric reduces drag against the face whilst the silks natural amino acids have moisture-retaining qualities that prevent frizzing hair and promote glossier locks.
{Thread Count}
The quality of bed linen is often expressed in terms of a thread count number. Any woven fabric consists of a warp thread which runs vertically, and a weft thread which runs horizontally. The thread count describes the number of these threads per square inch. Generally the greater the density of threads per square inch, mean a softer and smoother feel.
{Your Guide To Pillow & Sheet Sizes}
Your Guide To Pillow & Sheet Sizes
{Choosing Bedding For Your Wedding List}
Most households need a couple of sets of bedding per bed so that on washing day you're not left having to turn everything around in 12 hours. Do think about duplicating sheets (both fitted and top sheets), duvet and pillow cases - particularly if you find a set you love. Opt for neutral colours that won't date or that can be mix and matched to create a new vibe to the room if you feel like a slight change. And don't forget about a mattress topper, you haven't reached sleeping nirvana until you've slept on one of these!
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