Putting together your wedding list is a time when you really consider the contents of your home. Traditionally, a wedding list allowed a couple to ask for things from friends and family in order to help them set up home together. Nowadays, it's far more likely that you're already living together and you're just looking to upgrade some of those items. It's the perfect occasion to improve the things you use every day - your crockery.


The Wedding Shop offer some fabulous options that we think should be used everyday, not stashed away in the cupboards and saved for best! Life is too short. Take pleasure in simple things, like eating delicious food from a beautiful plate. Their choices are infinite, from brands that work perfectly for country living, like Emma Bridgewater and Denby, to chic modern designs by Thomas, to traditional pieces from Wedgwood, perfect for a Georgian town house. If you're using something everyday, you'll want to be able to put it in the dishwasher, so double check that your chosen collection is dishwasher proof. The great thing about modern design is that it is both practical and stylish so daintier sets are still an option. The thing to remember with The Wedding Shop is that all of their products have been carefully chosen to appeal to their discerning customers, so every range of dinnerware is beautiful yet hardwearing.

A Modern Way To Eat

Along with not having a dinner set 'saved for best,' the modern approach to eating is much more about sharing platters and big dishes served with a help-yourself vibe. So along with those plates you'll definitely need something to serve food from. And if you ask for matching serving bowls then you can still bring a little sophistication to today's more informal way of dining. If this sounds like your style, then have a look at the Kate Spade Fair Habor range in White Truffle . Perfect for everyday but also pretty enough to be brought out for guests, plus the range has platters, serving bowls and jugs.

Special Occasions

However, if the thought of people using your beautiful dinnerware brings you out in a cold sweat, like Monica from friends, then why not ask for a pretty china tea set, some espresso cups or some bone china jugs? That way you have items that can impress guests and are suitable for a special occasion without having a gorgeous stash of crockery that just lies unused. And the bonus is, you'll also have a lovely set of dinnerware you can enjoy every day. Sounds like the perfect balance to us.
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Why Dinnerware?

Our founder Charlotte regrets not putting china on her wedding gift list, because it's just so useful and it's a purchase that often gets put off for more important big ticket items when you are buying things for your home, like a sofa or a new bed. When you really think about it, I'm not sure there are items in your home that work as hard as your plates and bowls, so having a lovely set is sensible really ;) My other half is terrible for inviting people to come over for lunch or dinner without any prior warning, so having nice dinnerware is essential for us. Even if my food is a little bit thrown together, at least people can eat from nice plates. It's also a lovely gift for people to buy you, as there are lots of different value items within a set. Dinnerware is something you can add to easily to a later date, perhaps each year as an anniversary treat. The Wedding Shop offer their valued couples a lifetime discount of 10%. Yes, a lifetime discount on a multitude of gorgeous brands to make your home beautiful!

Your Gift List

Have you found a dinnerware set you've got your eye on? How do you feel about saving a set 'for best?' Would you invest in two sets? Is having a china set important to you? Do let us know in the comments box below the post!
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

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