If you’re looking for wedding shoe inspiration, then look no further than Recommended Supplier, Bella Belle Shoes. The Heart & Soul collection is a serious favourite of ours, and we couldn’t wait to share it! From strappy sling-backs to pointed perfection, it’s really got it all. Not to mention the incredible gowns which only accentuate this gorgeous gathering of shoes. So, get ready to feed that heel addiction. If you need us, we’ll just be drooling in the corner whilst endlessly scrolling up and down the page. 

Bella Belle shoes Heart & Soul collection 

Just like sculptors pouring their hearts and souls into each unique piece they carve, we as shoe artisans pour our hearts and souls into our shoemaking craft. Each creation is soulful and full of character.

Bella Belle Shoes


The inspiration behind our shoe collection is the heart and soul that we as artists pour into our creation. We wanted to organically tell this story of craftsmanship and creation in the place that houses incredible works of art and where the artists who create them work. We chose a setting evocative of a fine art museum. This is to draw parallels between shoes and sculpture as two forms of 3D art. This venue is The Caproni Collection by Skylight Studios, which creates meticulous plaster reproductions of world-renowned sculptures. It is everything that we had imagined and more.


Designed with an adventurous eye for proportions and scale, the collection is an exhibit of sculptural elements and architectural flairs. Every shoe is evocative of form and movement, bedecked with sumptuous textiles and nature-inspired fineries. This collection celebrates the art of hand craftsmanship, taking inspiration from sculptural arts.


This story is a chronicle of the process of an artist breathing life into her creation, leaving a piece of her heart and soul ingrained in every work. From conception to realisation, she transforms into an embodiment of the sculpture itself with statuesque poise and stately allure. Her craft represents her beauty, emotion, and form.

Killer gowns deserve killer shoes…

To carry the story deeper, we looked for structured dresses, with folds reminiscent of drapery captured through skill-full carving. Just like the shoes, the dresses themselves must also be a form of wearable sculpture. Dress designers are artists as well, creating dresses that convey their interpretation of art and beauty.

Bella Belle Shoes

If Bella Belle shoes have got you thinking about your own wedding shoes, then don’t miss our tips for finding the right pair! And we’ve got more if you’re thinking about the comfort and style on your big day… 

Ella Turner

Written by Ella Turner

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