Wedding garters for a modern, sexy and fun take on tradition 

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When planning your wedding day outfit, there's so much more to consider than just your dress. From wedding shoes and accessories to bridal lingerie, each element plays a crucial role in creating your perfect look. While it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of finding your dream gown and overlook other essential components, we’re here to ensure every detail is given the attention it deserves.

Your wedding dress may be the star of the show, but it’s the perfect bridal accessories that truly make your outfit shine. The little details count, and they help you stand out on your special day. Whether you’ve adorned yourself with sparkling wedding jewellery, chosen an extra thoughtful something blue, picked out hair accessories that complement your do, found comfy yet chic flat wedding shoes, or are still searching for those final touches, don’t forget one essential item: the wedding garter.

Wedding garter tradition

So, let’s talk about wedding garters – a classic bridal accessory that’s been around forever. But how did they actually come to be, and why do brides wear them? 

One theory goes back to medieval times when guests believed it was good luck to snag a piece of the bride's clothing. To avoid a total free-for-all and a shredded dress (we can’t believe it either…), the garter became the designated item to toss to guests looking for some love luck. Another theory? The garter was a symbol of consummation, removed in private and flung outside the bedroom as proof the wedding night was a success.

Fast forward to now, and the garter toss is still a fun and lively tradition. Some brides choose to toss their garter instead of, or along with, their bouquet. If it’s the only toss, the garter goes to the female guests. When both are tossed, the bouquet is aimed at the unmarried women, while the garter is aimed at the unmarried men. The groom removes the garter from the bride's leg, usually with a bit of playful teasing, and flings it to the unmarried men. The lucky guest who catches it is believed to be the next to marry, making it a symbol of good luck and fertility.

But don’t feel pressured to give your garter away. Many brides prefer to keep this special accessory as a cherished memento from their big day. Whether you toss it or keep it, the garter remains a beloved wedding tradition - and one we’re definitely on board with, tradition aside - they’re gorgeous!

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The 10 best wedding garters for brides who love accessorising

On the hunt for the perfect wedding garter for your big day? You’re in luck! The Rock My Wedding Editors know a thing or two about stunning bridal accessories, sure to level up your outfit for the big day. Who doesn’t want to feel just a tad sexy on their wedding day?

We’ve selected our favourite wedding garters from high-street and high-end retailers to cater for all budgets, including some of our Reccommend Suppliers: Liberty in Love, Six Stories, Lace & Favour and Garter & Veil. Happy shopping! 


1. Gigi minimal pearl lace garter by Aria

£27 | Liberty in Love


2. Garter - White

£12.99 | Six Stories


3. Ivory & Blue Bridal Garter in Lace

£12 | Bluebella 


4. Something Blue Garter 

£25 | Gigi & Olive


5. White Bridal Garter 

£5.50 | Matalan


6. Eyelash lace bridal garter - Ivory

£10 | Boux Avenue


7. Purity Ivory Delicate Lace Wedding Garter with Pearl Droplet

£32 | Lace & Favour


8. Romance Beaded Lace Garter

£59.99 | Garter & Veil


9. Abigail Bridal Garter

£39.50 | Silk Garters


10. Kiss of Love Garter 

£45 | Caroline Randall

Is a wedding garter the bridal accessory for you?

We’re personally big fans of the wedding garter - they’re sexy, they’re stylish, and most of all, they’re fun! Even if you’re not big on tradition and don’t plan to ceremoniously toss your garter on the big day, they make for the perfect bridal accessory to amp up your outfit, regardless. 

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