Ever heard the rhyme, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in your shoe”? It’s an old Victorian rhyme that has become a classic wedding tradition that so many couples abide by. But what does it actually mean? In this article, we’ll be chatting about the origin of the rhyme and why the superstition is still so popular today. Plus, as ever, we’re all about the inspiration! From shoes and bridesmaid dresses to flowers and table decorations, we have 48 something blue wedding ideas! Although in this article we do go into the traditions behind this superstition. Rock My Wedding is all about having Your Day, Your Way, so put your own spin on everything and have fun with it!

Find your something blue with these 48 unique something blue wedding ideas!

The Origin of ‘Something Blue’ Rhyme 

The “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in your shoe” rhyme dates back to Victorian England and suggests 5 different objects the bride should wear. The symbolism and colour of these objects ensure that the bride is protected at the ceremony and signifies hope, fresh beginnings and luck for the new marriage. 


Read on for our unique and creative ways to modernise the five objects from the rhyme for your wedding!  

Something Old

Your ‘something old’ is meant to represent your non-married life. It’s supposed to bring in the best aspects of your previous chapter of life before marriage and act as a symbol of continuity and unify their past. The most popular ‘something old’ ideas include jewellery previously worn by the bride's mother, grandmother, or aunt. Really, any item that is a tribute to your ancestry or acts as a homage to your heritage is perfect! As ‘something old’, these items often have an antique and vintage look that makes them all the more special!  

Something New 

In contrast, ‘something new’ is all about the new life you will start together. The main theme of this gift is hope and optimism for a fresh and exciting new beginning together! The ‘something new’ is often something from the groom or the groom's family, since they become the bride’s ‘new’ family. However, common gifts also include shoes and accessories! held hope and optimism for the couple’s next steps. 

Something Borrowed 

Your ‘something borrowed’ has a lot more superstition around it. It’s important that with your ‘something borrowed’, you should only borrow objects from a happily married woman (specifically a friend or relative). This is so that her good luck in marriage will transfer onto the new bride. It can be a hairpin (think Bride Wars), jewellery or anything in between. You could even read vows from a relative’s wedding! These keepsakes borrowed from bride to bride are supposed to offer protection to the happy couple. This part of the rhyme is all about celebrating the system of support that you and your partner have around you and the people who have your back.

Sixpence In Your Shoe

Back in Victorian times, the father of the bride would place a sixpence into his daughter's left shoe as a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Nowadays, since the sixpence doesn’t exist anymore, use a penny instead! Plus, it doesn’t always go in the shoe but may be tied to the ring bearer's pillow, worn as an anklet or incorporated into cufflinks, the options are endless. The penny may be from your birth year or the year you met your partner. This part of the rhyme originated from the tradition of the bride’s family gifting silver coins to the groom’s family as a dowry.

Wedding Superstitions - Who Should Gift The Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue? 

It was usually customary for the women in a bride’s life to gift her the somethings for her wedding day. The point of this is to pass on good fortune and fidelity from women in the bride’s life in happy marriages. But at Rock My Wedding we’re all about having Your Day, Your Way, so put your own twist on things! If you’re getting eloped, why not gift each other your somethings between you as a couple as a way to show you make your own luck?

Something Blue Wedding Ideas

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Something Blue Wedding Ideas 

Now, we can get into what you really came to this article for. Blue is symbolic of fidelity and love’s purity, hence the saying ‘true blue’. The point of wearing blue is to confuse the ‘evil eye’ or ‘Nazar’. When you walk down the aisle, these blue items are supposed to shield the bride from any onlookers who don’t have pure intentions (though, hopefully, all your guests will be shining with happiness) for the couple. 


Some couples feel that the something blue tradition is dated and are concerned with being overly cheesy and look to find ways to differentiate their somethings from other weddings. You could write messages in blue marker on the bottom of your shoes, wear a blue garter (the traditional option), some blue wedding shoes, or embroider your dress or veil with blue thread.

Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Why not surround yourself in blue by having your bridal party wearing blue bridesmaid dresses? This gives your bridal party the freedom to still choose a shade of blue they like the best. Maybe you love the mismatched bridesmaid dresses trend as much as we do and plan on having multiple shades!

Something Blue Stationery 

Surely, it has to be good luck to have a blue wedding invitation or save the date? You’d literally be sending out your positive intentions to your guests way before the actual wedding. In our book, blue wedding stationery is not only elegant but timeless, too! 

Blue Table Decorations 

Your table decorations are a perfect something blue! Some couples even combine the borrowed, blue, old, and new in one object or one tablescape as you can see here! You might borrow blue champagne flutes from your grandmother’s wedding, or head to your reception in a new blue getaway car after the ceremony. 

Something Blue Flowers

There’s something so magical and fairytale-esque about blue wedding flowers. Whether they’re in your bouquet, decorating your altar or are the centrepieces on your tablescape, this something blue idea is perfect for adding a subtle pop of colour that will look amazing in your wedding photos!

Blue Wedding Cake 

If you have a sweet tooth, consider going for a blue wedding cake! This something blue idea is great for those couples that don’t want a blue wedding theme and colour palette as a whole. Go for a galaxy or night sky theme! 

Something Blue Wedding Fashion

Feeling bold? Consider a blue wedding dress! Coloured wedding dresses have always been a favourite of ours simply because they’re unforgettable. It’s one way to leave your guests speechless! Not as bold but still as beautiful, these blue groom suits are classic but still traditional and formal. 

Shoes & Accessories 

Prefer the subtle touches for your something blue? Take a look at these bridal shoes and accessories that are giving us serious heart eyes. It can be as simple as the ring box for your wedding bands or the colour of your nails!

Found your something blue? We hope so! We also hope you’ve learnt something new and interesting about this classic wedding tradition! If you like browsing wedding inspiration by colour, you’ll love our orange wedding theme inspiration and our pink wedding theme inspiration! If you still haven’t found something blue, take a look at our bridal accessories roundup for more ideas!

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Written by Leah Blundell

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