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Fascinators are a staple accessory for formal occasions like a loved one's wedding or a day at the races. While you’ve likely seen them embellishing outfits for as long as you can remember, they remain a popular, royalty-approved wedding accessory to date! 

So, why do people wear fascinators, and why are they eternally fashionable? In short, they offer an easy way to add an elegant and statement touch to your outfit. If you have your wedding guest dress or mother of the bride outfit sorted, now is the perfect time to consider how you can zhuzh it up for a look everyone will remember. 

The best thing about wedding fascinators is that they tend to be less rigid and are easier to wear for the entire day than a wedding hat, helping your hairstyle or updo to stay in place. Whether you opt for a classic headband fascinator or a simple clip fascinator - ideal for shorter hair - we’ve compiled a list of the best wedding fascinators to help you instantly upgrade your wedding guest outfit. Get scrolling!

The 9 Best Wedding Guest Fascinators 


When searching for the perfect wedding fascinator to complement your outfit, there’s no such thing as too much. Fascinators come in all shapes and sizes, and whether you want yours to take centre stage or add a special touch to your gorgeously styled up-do - you’ll be able to find a fascinator to suit your needs. 

Find our favourite fascinators below. From eye-catching greens and pinks to classic black and cream fascinators - choosing the right colour is everything, so don’t forget to check out our wedding guest dresses inspiration first to bag your frock first!

And, if wedding fascinators aren't your thing, we also have all the inspiration you need to find the perfect wedding hat

We spoke to accessory experts and Recommended Supplier - Bonito & Grace to give you all the tips needed to choose the perfect fascinator this season. From the latest fascinator trends to how to style your headwear piece, plus how to choose the right one for you! 

When choosing a fascinator, it's essential to strike the right balance between complementing your outfit and standing out without overpowering it. While your fascinator doesn't necessarily need to match your dress or shoes exactly, it should harmonise with the overall colour palette and style of your ensemble. Consider incorporating elements from your outfit into your fascinator, such as matching the colour of your fascinator to a detail in your dress or incorporating similar fabrics or textures. Alternatively, you can opt for a fascinator in a neutral shade that complements a wide range of colours and styles.

- Alexandra Dewey, Bonito & Grace 

Fascinators for Weddings: Small Wedding Fascinators


1. Jon Richard Small Hair Clip Fascinator, Lavender - £20, John Lewis 

Lilac small hair fascinator for weddings from John Lewisstyled with half up half down hairstyle

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For something simple yet effective, small wedding fascinators might be for you. Despite mainly seeing more grandiose styles take favour on formal occasions, minimalistic and understated fascinator hair clips can be the ideal way to complement your hairstyle. After all, if you’ve spent ages practising and perfecting your planned hairstyle in the lead-up to the big day, why wouldn’t you want it to look as pretty as possible?

Fascinators for Weddings: Green Fascinators for Weddings


2. Chloe Fascinator - £79, Hobbs 

Cilantro green fascinator for weddings from Hobbs with discreet headband

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Green is a popular colour for weddings all year round. From bright and inviting or pastel green tones in the spring and summer months to a deeper emerald green in autumn and festive hues seen throughout winter - it’s hard to go wrong with green. We love this timeless yet contemporary green wedding fascinator from Hobbs. With a practical yet discreet headband and flattering face-framing design, this is a fascinator you’ll be happy to wear all day!

Fascinators for Weddings: Blue Fascinators for Weddings 


3. HELENA FASCINATOR BLUE - £38, Bonito & Grace

Blue fascinator from Bonito & Grace modelled by a woman wearing a matching blue fascinator in front of blue sky

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We spoke to Recommended Supplier - Bonito & Grace - about fascinator trends this year, and they've seen that structural forms are in! Modern fascinators in bold colours perfectly accompany any wedding guest outfit. They've also seen a resurgence in feathers, adding texture and movement to solid colour. So, why not look out for stylish fascinators adorned with feathers in contrasting or complementary colours to make a bold statement just like this beautiful blue style? It has everything you need to look bang on trend this season.

Fascinators for Weddings: Hair Fascinators for Wedding Guests


4. Navy Pleated Flower Clip Fascinator - £14.99, Quiz

hair fascinators for wedding guests in navy from Quiz with flower design

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For whatever reason, sometimes headbands don’t work for you. Whether you have fine hair that makes it noticeable, an ill-fitting band often gives you headaches, or you prefer how hair clip fascinators look - they’re a popular alternative. Hair fascinators allow you to freely get creative with your hairstyle on the wedding day without worrying about where or how your fascinator will work with your chosen style. Effortlessly clip in your hair fascinator exactly where you want it, and you’re ready to go!

Fascinators for Weddings: Pink Fascinators for Weddings


5. Fuchsia Feather Headband Fascinator - £14.99, Quiz

Pink fascinator for weddings from Quiz with feather detailing

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Who doesn’t love pink? There’s nothing more stylish and extravagant than a wedding fascinator that’s also pink! While dusky pink fascinators and softer tones of pink are also commonly seen for weddings, a hot pink shade is perfect for uplifting your outfit, ensuring you stand out in the best kind of way. Quiz is the place for those looking for stylish yet affordable wedding fascinators, as the feather detailing makes this choice a must based on 2024 trends.

Fascinators for Weddings: Silver Fascinators for Weddings


6. Aika Headband - £25, Phase Eight 

Silver headband fascinator for weddings from Phase Eight with bow design

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Looking to make their outfit look more expensive without actually parting with the extra cash? Accessorising with silver and gold is the best way to achieve this on a budget. While jewellery is the first thing that comes to mind in this instance, consider a silver wedding fascinator, too. This Phase Eight headband is an easy-to-wear wedding fascinator on the smaller side - because who said you need to go big to exude luxury?

Fascinators for Weddings: Black Fascinators for Weddings


7. Organza Bow And Feather Fascinator - £55.20, Coast

Black fascinator for weddings from Coast with feather detailing

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If you’re not a lover of experimenting with colour, black wedding fascinators are timeless, securing plenty of wear for many formal occasions to come. The best thing about black wedding fascinators is that they almost go with anything! So, if you’re not clued up on colour theory and want to avoid any unfortunate clashing on the big day, black is a safe bet. Beyond clashing colours, however, black is a classy choice for fascinators, and this style from Coast, equipped with trendy bows and feathers, is sure to elevate your look.

Fascinators for Weddings: Cream Fascinators for Weddings


8. Ayla Cream Mesh Pearl Detail Wide Brim Fascinator - £79, LK Bennett

Cream fascinator for weddings from LK Bennett with elegant pearl embellishments

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While off-white tones are typically reserved for the bride, fascinators of a similar tone can be worn by wedding guests, particularly if they complement the overall colour scheme of the outfit and if the bride is comfortable with it, of course! When considering creamy tones, it's always a good idea to consider the bride's preferences and any specific dress code for the wedding to give you a nudge in the right direction. Although, generally speaking, a cream wedding fascinator paired with a different colour dress doesn't harm! This fascinator from LK Bennett is adorned with lustrous pearls for an elegant effect, adding a touch of sophistication to any ensemble.

Fascinators for Weddings: Gold Fascinators for Weddings


9. Penelope Sin Bow Fascinator Natural - £49, Accessorize 

Gold fascinator for weddings from Accessorize in a Champagne tone with golden undertones and statement bow detailing

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Similarly to silver, a gold wedding fascinator is an easy way to add a luxurious touch to your wedding guest outfit. If gold is a bit much for your standards, you can always reap the benefits of softer variations without the overly opulent aesthetic. Champagne tones, like this fascinator from Accessorize, provide a gentle golden undertone, guaranteed to make you glow beautifully on the big day. When paired with refined golden jewellery and a classic updo hairstyle, we think you’re onto a winning look!

Ultimately, the most important thing is to choose a fascinator that makes you feel confident. Whether you prefer a bold statement piece or a subtle accessory, embrace your personal style and wear what makes you feel good! 

- Alexandra Dewey, Bontio & Grace 

Wedding fascinators FAQs

How do you choose a wedding fascinator?

With so many options on the market, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for or what’s right for you. There are a few things to consider when choosing the best wedding fascinator to help you celebrate the big day. Firstly, what dress, shoes and bag are you wearing? Secondly, do you prefer something more understated, or are you looking for a statement piece? Thirdly, what kind of style will best suit and complement your face? We recommend trying on a few in person before making your final decision! But remember, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing your wedding fascinator. What’s important is that you love it!

Should fascinators match your shoes or dress?

It’s entirely up to you! But typically, people choose their wedding guest dress first and then their accessories once this is locked in. While you can match your wedding fascinator to your dress, it’s common to coordinate your accessories for a put-together look. So why not consider matching your fascinator to your shoes and clutch? However, thanks to recent trends, colour-blocking is more popular than ever, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different palettes. Colour-blocking involves taking colours considered opposites on the colour wheel and styling them together to make complementary combinations. Who knows what you’ll come up with? 

Are fascinators still fashionable for weddings?

Definitely! Wedding fascinators have been around for, well, forever! And we know that they will stick around for a while. Fascinators are a traditional accessory for formal occasions like weddings, and we think they’re a timeless and stylish way to accessorise your outfit.

Should you wear your hair up or down with a fascinator?

You can wear your hair either up or down with a fascinator, but classy updos tend to be more popular! Head to our hair inspiration guides with 70+ Wedding Hair Updo Styles or more general Wedding Hairstyles For The Whole Bridal Party.

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