It may sound like a dramatic statement but your bridal underwear is one of the most important purchases you will make. A perfectly fitted bra, knickers and/or contour wear is required to enhance the look of your wedding dress. Think of it as the foundation for what might be the most expensive outfit of your life. The right choice of bridal underwear will make you feel confident and comfortable and you need to be. You could potentially be wearing your ensemble for over 12 hours. That's a long time to be battling with too-tight bra straps and a wayward pair of pants.
Bridal Underwear - Where to Start

Everyone should have a bra that enhances their bust, gives a natural shape and offers enough support. The same goes for knickers. From push up to balconette to shorts and thongs and everything in-between, there are a plethora of styles to choose from. Our recommendation would be to book an appointment at a reputable wedding lingerie specialist. Preferably a retailer that specialises/and or has a specific bridal underwear department. We would always suggest even when you are trying on wedding dresses, to wear smooth flesh-toned garments. Certain fabrics, especially lace, will cause a rippling effect under fine silks and satins. A T-shirt style underwired strapless bra is a good place to start for wedding dress boutique appointments. Versatile and seamless, it won't detract from the vast majority of gown styles. Failing that, wear the best fitting bra and knickers you own - at least you will know whether certain dresses work with your body shape/how you like your boobs and bum to look when they have enough support.

Wedding Lingerie

Underwear That Works With Your Wedding Dress
  • Realistically it's difficult to buy the right bridal underwear until you have chosen your wedding dress. Necklines, fit and fabric will all dictate what will be the best choice for your body and the style of gown.

  • Book an appointment with Rigby and Pellar if you can. With decades of experience providing celebrities and the Royal family with their smalls, they certainly know their wedding lingerie. Cup size can vary from brand to brand - it's all about the fit. And that's why it's important to have someone experienced to make sure your bra is not going to move around whilst you dance the night away or be visible from any angle whatsoever.
  • The same goes for knickers. Choosing a pair which claims "NO VPL" is all good and well but you need to try them on underneath your dress before the big day. Sometimes it's better to go commando to truly avoid any unwanted lines. Yes, you read that correctly. Rock My Wedding are advising you consider forgoing pants altogether if your wedding dress looks better without.
  • Depending on the brand and/or style of bra the straps can sit differently. It is not enough to simply order an "adjustable" strapless bra online and hope for the best if you have a halter neck style gown for example. The straps might be set too wide and be visible across your shoulders or poke out of a plunging neckline. Get fitted properly. Try on the bra underneath your dress. Move around, reach up, have a dance - it's the only way you will confirm there is enough support and zero risks of Uncle Bob getting an eye full halfway through the Hokey Cokey.
  • There isn't necessarily one particular bra that will work with your particular wedding dress. There might not be a bra that works at all. In that case, you could consider bra cups sewn in - speak to your seamstress about the options. If you have a smaller bust and do not need lifting/require padding, there are stick-on silicone nipple covers available that could be an option.
  • Backless gowns are without question, the most tricky style to navigate. When it comes to choosing bridal underwear and your entire back is on display, it's likely you will have to go braless. Of course, discuss sewn in cups as mentioned above. But prepare yourself for some honesty - if you need support for an ample bust then backless might not be the best option for you.
Shapewear and/or Contour wear

Depending on your preference, bridal underwear alternatives are available that enhance your entire silhouette. You need to be mindful that if a garment pushes some of your body one way - it's going to have to go somewhere. We all have skin, it's there for a purpose - embrace it. Please don't feel you need to change your shape for your wedding day, we just want you to feel the very best version of you. And if that's wearing Spanx or a full bodysuit with built-in bra then so be it. Just make sure you get fitted for everything properly. That you can shimmy and sit down and that your bust is in the place you like it to be. I highly recommend listening to our Bridal Underwear podcast where we interview Kelly, chief stylist at Rigby and Peller. She doesn't pull any punches or give you any BS. Well worth a listen. Happy frill seeking!

Charlotte O'Shea

Written by Charlotte O'Shea

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