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S3 Ep 15 // Bridal Underwear

You can spend thousands of pounds on an incredible outfit for your wedding but if what you have on underneath isn’t the right fit then you’re not going to be comfortable or showing off your dress to it’s full potential. Getting your bridal underwear perfect is key to nailing your overall bridal look.

In this episode, Charlotte and Becky are joined by Chief Lingerie Stylist Kelly of Rigby & Peller. With almost 20 years experience in lingerie, Kelly answers all of your questions from the best type of shape wear for your dress to how to support a bigger bust in a backless dress.

By the end of this episode you will know your plunges from your balconies (and what they actually do) to how to make the most from a fitting experience and when in the planning process you should be getting your underwear.

This episode isn’t only for brides. It’s for every woman. Understanding how bras work is incredibly eye opening and finding the right fit can change your life. Share this episode with all your girlfriends, set a date and go get yourselves measured.

Grab a cuppa and enjoy. Massive thanks to Kelly for coming and sharing so openly with us.

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