Look, we’re not obsessed with Bridgerton (promise)… we just want to take a moment to talk about Bridgerton wedding music. Because, let’s face it, Ariana Grande, ‘thank u, next’ covered by a String Quartet? Perfection. You walking down the aisle whilst it’s playing? Eurgh. Don’t get us started! More and more couples are moving away from the traditional Wedding March, now, whilst it will always be the original banger (you know it is), we can’t help but love the fact that couples are exploring something a little different. So, let’s delve into the world of Bridgerton music and all that it has to offer…

Bridgerton wedding music for your wedding

Modern Songs - String Quartet

If you’re looking for something dramatic with a modern twist, then these are your go to classics. Who wouldn’t want Harry Styles to make an appearance on their big day? Well, not physically… a girl can dream.

  • Dancing On My Own - Vitamin String Quartet 

  • Wrecking Ball - Midnite String Quartet 

  • What About Us - Duomo 

  • Sign Of The Times - Stripped - Steve Horner 

  • Material Girl - Kris Bowers

  • How Deep Is Your Love - Kiris Houston 

  • Wildest Dreams - Duomo 

  • Diamonds - Hannah V, Joe Rodwell 

  • Thank U, Next - Vitamin String Quartet 

  • You Oughta Know - Duomo, Tomas Peire-Serrate 

  • Girls Like You - Vitamin String Quartet 

  • Stay Away - Vitamin String Quartet 

  • Strange - Kris Bowers, Hillary Smith

  • In My Blood - Vitamin String Quartet 

  • Bad Guy - Vitamin String Quartet 

  • Modern Songs with a String Quartet 

Remember, Bridgerton also offers the most beautiful original scores, so you can always check those out too if you’re feeling something a little different. Head on over to the Spotify Playlist from seasons 1 and 2 for everything and more. Don’t forget to daydream about dancing with The Duke or Viscount (it really is a necessity). 

If you’re looking for more music inspiration that strays away from the traditional, take a look at our modern wedding songs, featuring everything from Jason Mraz to Florence & The Machine. A walk down the aisle can be a little easier with something that gives you confidence! Oh, and first dance songs? We’ve got you covered there too. 

Leah Blundell

Written by Leah Blundell

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