Tabitha & Udy's stunning Broadfield Court wedding was a spectacular showcase of love and culture. Celebrating their Nigerian and Chinese heritages, the couple brought together a fusion of cultures, families, and friends at the ever-so-gorgeous Recommended venue Broadfield Court. The couple's ceremony unfolded in the great outdoors, beneath a picturesque canopy. Before Tabitha made her entrance, the bride and groom decided to add a heartfelt touch by having their parents and friends walk down the aisle together. Then, in a joyous and unique twist, Tabitha walked and danced her way to Udy, adding an extra sprinkle of happiness to the occasion. Simultaneously love-filled and quirkily fun, this is a 10/10 wedding. 

Broadfield Court wedding celebrating Nigerian and Chinese cultures 

Our wedding at Broadfield Court was about community, connection, and celebration. Celebrating not only our love and commitment as a couple but all of the special people who helped us to be the people we are today. We showed our guests how much we appreciated them in the main and the Chinese Tea ceremonies. We were very lucky, and grateful that so many of our friends and family helped make the event a success on the day. This included officiating, writing poemsproviding flowers, sound systems and lighting, decorating, videography, DJ-ing, cake-baking, and even joining a dance troupe

Tabitha & Udy

An utterly unique wedding at Broadfield Court

Tabitha and Udy's wedding at Broadfield Court was a truly one-of-a-kind celebration, perfectly reflecting their unique personalities. The couple embraced our motto of "your day, your way," to a T. From the very beginning, the wedding exuded an air of joy and creativity. Tabitha's vibrant entrance down the aisle, dancing to meet Udy, set the tone for the rest of the day. As guests mingled and enjoyed delicious canapes, featuring a fusion of Nigerian and Korean flavours, the couple paid homage to Tabitha's father's heritage by incorporating a traditional Chinese tea ceremony. Udy, donning traditional Nigerian attire, and the wedding party entered the marquee for the wedding breakfast with a lively dance. As the day turned into evening, the entertainment reached new heights with a performance by Adanta Dance, a Nigerian dance troupe. The bride and her friends joined in the celebration, including street dance routines that brought fun and zany energy. The couple and their friends took on the role of DJs, ensuring that the party continued well into the night. Additionally, guests had the chance to unleash their inner singing stars in the venue's games room, where karaoke added another layer of enjoyment to the festivities. Tabitha and Udy's Broadfield Court wedding was a true testament to their love, their cultures, and their commitment to creating a day that would be cherished by everyone present. Their willingness to incorporate various traditions, dances, and music into the celebration made it a unique and unforgettable experience for all who were lucky enough to share their special day.

The modern Autumnal wedding flowers tied the couple's theme together perfectly

Every wedding is unique to the couple. Enjoy the planning process and embrace making it your own! In terms of logistics, ours was a relatively long day with a lot of guests. We, therefore, thought carefully about the schedule and how we used the different spaces available to keep things fresh and interesting for different kinds of guests. An absolute highlight was our friend Marianna, who led our wedding ceremony. A registrar legally married us the day before, joined by our immediate family only. On the primary day, Marianna was our unofficial officiant and she did a spectacular job! She guided us through the ceremony, infusing warmth and love that only friends or family in that role can bring. 

Tabitha & Udy

I mean... Fabulous. Unique, gorgeous, and fabulous. Tabitha & Udy's Broadfield Court wedding is a sight for sore eyes. So do excuse us if we come back to this wedding every four hours for the next few weeks. The sheer amount of dancing goes to show how much of a joy their day was. Speaking of dancing - are you planning on having a father-daughter dance? If you are, our article features 87 brilliant song choices. The mismatched bridesmaid dresses also show the uniqueness of their big day. If you're in the market for some bridesmaid inspiration, our article on colourway ideas and inspiration is handy.

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Written by Sasha Kirkham

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