DIY decor? A retro theme? A budget of 10k? Tick, tick, and tick. Bryony & Hayley married at Recommended Venue, The Giraffe Shed, and had a funky 70s theme wedding with banner signage, disco balls, neon signs, and boho dried flowers that literally ticks all of our boxes. Recommended Supplier, Abbie Leigh Events and Styling, was the mastermind behind this retro wedding! With a neutral tonal colour scheme, these brides stand out because they are just glowing with love. Let’s get into it!

DIY 70s retro wedding at The Giraffe Shed with wedding banner sign 

We chose our suppliers based on who had worked at our venue before. We trusted The Giraffe Shed, so if they’d worked with a supplier before we trusted that they were amazing, too. We chose people that fitted our vibe and that we felt would fit in well on the day, and understood our vision. 

Bryony & Hayley

70s Retro Wedding at The Giraffe Shed 

Bryony & Hayley’s vibe was a juxtaposition of 70s, retro, and disco with plenty of organic touches and soft tones. To start wedding planning, the couple began collating images on Pinterest and then refined their theme over time. After selecting their wedding stylist, it all came together quickly at The Giraffe Shed wedding. Bryony & Hayley wanted the day to feel like an extension of their personalities, so the decor at the wedding was decor they’d have in their home! There were thrifted furniture pieces from local antique shops, vases from car boot sales and disco balls! The couple had dried flowers to fit that boho relaxed autumnal vibe as well.

DIY Wedding Under 10K

What made Bryon & Hayley’s day unique was the chilled and laid-back nature of the day. Bryony & Hayley’s absolute favourite moment from the day was when they were sat at their sweetheart table with pizza and wine. They were both able to stop and take in the day! Halfway through the meal, one of Hayley’s songs (written about Bryony!) came on and the families got up to dance and sing along, with the pizzas abandoned whilst everyone had a 5-minute singsong together. The couple opted for pizza instead of a sit-down meal, with no speeches, and no DJ but a wedding reception playlist. They were able to have this stunning day all for under 10k! 

A sweetheart table is one of our favourite wedding trends to come out of 2024

It was really important to us to DIY as much as we could, partly because of our budget but also because we’re creatives and it felt right to make what we could. Bryony made all the signage (she even cut the wood by hand!) as well as sewing the wall hangings. She also designed the logo to go on our wild seed packet favours. Hayley made two playlists (chilled and vibey) and painstakingly ordered each song so that they came on at the right time of the night! Basically, the cheesy bangers came on when everyone was drunk enough!

Bryony & Hayley

Retro weddings are just where it’s at! From funky retro wedding cakes to colourful banner signs and vintage fashion, we are seeing so many couples absolutely nail this style. Bryony & Hayley’s wedding at The Giraffe Shed is a prime example of this. For some more weddings under 10k, we have the best inspiration. Sticking to a budget doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful wedding. 

Leah Blundell

Written by Leah Blundell

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Venue : The Giraffe Shed | Photography: Emma Evans Photography | Florist: Wilde Posies | Food: Pedal and Push Catering | Cake: Lil Star Bakes | Hair & Makeup: Flaming Bride | Planner/Stylist: Abbie Leigh Events and Styling | Stationery & Favours: Travel In Parallel

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