Gone are the days when a disco ball can only be found illuminating a 70s disco dance floor. They are also trending at weddings everywhere! From cluster installations to headbands, and even cups, disco balls are here to stay. We share 25 fun ways to include them on your wedding day...

Fun disco ball wedding inspiration


Hanging a disco ball from the ceiling is the most obvious place to display your glitter ball. But, what if you hung several? Now that's impactful, and bloomin' cool to boot! Emily and Richard hung miniature disco balls from their pampas grass installation at their rustic barn wedding which perfectly framed their nuptials and made a great backdrop for their couples' portraits. Whereas, Carley and Bradley hung their silver and gold mirror balls at their reception along with fairy lights to really bounce light around the room.

Disco Ball Props

There really is no limit to where you can place a disco ball. Be it a miniature disco ball on a place setting or a cluster of glitter balls in different sizes to decorate the altar - the opportunities are endless. Jess and Chris added a single glitter ball to their place settings which doubled up as the perfect wedding favour. And Amanda and Paul chose to enhance their wedding sign with a cluster of glitter balls.

Disco Balls and Flowers

We're always a fan of mixing different colours and textures at weddings. Contrasting flowers with a shimmering mirror ball will never fail to make us gasp. It's the perfect combination of traditional and modern. Whether you op for dried flowers or fresh flowers, gold glitter balls, or silver, you'll be the envy of every guest, and us! We still can't get over Ash and Dave's column floral arrangement with disco balls at the base. 

Food And Drink

Want to know how to make your wedding food and drink displays look even more enticing? Disco balls of course! Add them to your wedding cake, drinks trolly, bars and more. Hell, why not even drink out of disco ball cups like Brittany and her bridal party?

Gold Disco Ball Decor

Whilst a silver disco ball is the most popular colourway, we're also vibing gold disco balls! It's a golden addition to any wedding scheme, but especially those with a 70s vibe. We’re also looking forward to seeing black disco balls make their debut on Rock My Wedding, so if you had any at your wedding then send us your day, we’d love to see it!

Bring fun to your wedding with the latest wedding trend - disco balls

Whether you call it a disco ball, mirror ball or glitter ball, there's one thing we can all agree on, and that's that they are pretty amazing, right?! We look forward to seeing more of these shiny balls adding extra sparkle to your day. So if you fancy hiring some, look no further than our Recommended Decor and Hire suppliers! We also recommended keeping your eye on our Recycle My Wedding marketplace, where disco balls are snapped up pretty quick. Miss it, miss out!

Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

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