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How to Make a DIY Confetti Cone Station for Under £25

If you’re planning on using confetti at your wedding then a gorgeous touch (and lovely talking point) is to create a confetti station from which guests can help themselves to their own cones of confetti. It’s a super easy, fun and affordable DIY that only takes a couple of hours. Get your bridesmaids involved and you’ll have whipped one up quicker than you can say Confetti Cone Station…

The trickiest bit of this DIY was finding the perfect photo frame. I wanted to find one that was a) simple but stylish, b) easy to dismantle, and c) big enough to hold oodles of cones. I trawled our local charity shops only to find one in the last shop I went in…and it was from Ikea. Should’ve gone straight to Ikea! However the perfect frame might already be hanging on your wall: if so, you can always dismantle it, transform it into a confetti station and then reassemble after your wedding day. There will be a couple of drawing pin holes in the back but no-one’s going to see them.

Confetti Cone Station {What You Will Need}

DIY Confetti cone station: What you will need

  • Picture frame (mine was 61cm x 91cm)
  • Doilies
  • Confetti
  • Mini wooden pegs
  • Jute string
  • Drawing pins
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape
  • The peg board is optional but this natural wood peg board was from Hobbycraft.
  • Confetti Cone Station {Instructions}
  • 1. Remove the picture and the glass from the picture frame.
  • 2. You then need to construct the cones. Half a doily will make one confetti cone, so fold a doily in half.
  • How to make DIY confetti cones

  • 3. Cut down the folded line.
  • How to make wedding confetti cones

  • 4. Attach a short strip of double sided sticky tape to the straight-edged part of the doily. Twist the doily into a cone shape, and when you are happy with it, unpeel the tape and stick the two edges together.
  • 5. Repeat steps 2-4 above until you have enough cones.
  • 6. Attach sections of jute string to the wooden frame using drawing pins. It took a few attempts for me to get the positioning of the stings looking just right. I found that the best way to position them was to have the first line of string close to the top edge of the frame (but not too close: it looks better if the confetti cones aren’t in contact with the frame).
  • 7. Attach the individual cones to the string using mini wooden pegs.
  • Ta-da! One simple but stylish confetti station.

    DIY Confetti Cone Station Tutorial for Under £25!

    We’ve featured some EPIC confetti shots in our real weddings (and why not consider a confetti cannon for your evening do as well!)?

    • Hobbycraft Paper Doilies
    • Notonthehighstreet Mini Pegs
    • Hobbycraft Jute Twine
    • Etsy Biodegradable Confetti
    Confetti Cone Station {Pin It!}

    DIY Confetti Cone Station Tutorial for Under £25!

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