One of my favourite activities leading up to my own wedding day was collecting masses of inspiration and planning my table centrepieces for my reception. Given that we were having a sit down meal and that my guests were likely to be sat in the same position for at least a couple of hours, I wanted to provide them with an abundance of pretty to look at on the table in front of them. As it happened I ended up opting for masses of Autumnal blooms cascading out of shiny polished trophies... It sounds a bit bizarre but I loved it and so many of my guests commented on how unusual but beautiful it looked. Obviously such a look is not for everyone so today's post is all about providing you with inspiration for DIY wedding decorations for tables that are practical, beautiful and inexpensive.
DIY Wedding Decorations For Tables {Logs & Crates}
Rustic styled weddings have been reigning strong for at least the last five years without any sign of abating. Frankly, that's fine and dandy with us because they're gorgeous. The main components of a rustic-inspired table centrepiece tend to include slices of logs, preferably of different widths and depths, crates (the smaller the better), jam jars, twine, ribbons and the odd plant pot or two too. Combining them all together is super easy and doesn't need to hit you in the pocket. Take the log stump chargers for example which can be sourced for pennies or even for free if you’re in the right place at the right time, add some plain hurricane lamps and candles, adorn with fallen leaves or other foliage and you’ve got yourself some beautiful wedding decor at the fraction of the cost. Crates are another invaluable prop too. Stack up collected jam jars on top and inside for added height and then use them as a handy container to whisk away all the blooms once your big day is over. Or alternatively, pot up smaller plants in pots which not only look cute dotted along tables but can double up as wedding favours. Unique and beautiful table centrepiece ideas for your wedding day for all budgets from classic candelabras to rustic logs and the olive leaf table garland
{Candles & Candelabras}
A tricky trend to get right but when executed perfectly this has style and impact in spades! I think one of the difficulties with this look occurs when the candelabras aren't quite the right size; too big to look over yet too short for guests on opposite sides of the table to look under. If you nail the sizing then you're home free! From a personal perspective, I adore candles; the light they give off is so incredibly romantic and I made sure that there were tonnes lit on all the tables on my own wedding day. Much like the bottle trend below, this particular style looks best in multiples and especially when the candles are the same hue as the flowers they're paired with. Pay attention to the candlestick holders themselves; you needn't spend a fortune on them as so many are now available in charity shops and car boots for pennies but it's worth looking out for unusual shapes or those with a beautifully aged patina. Oh and don't forget to blow out any that are still burning at the end of the night. Unique and beautiful table centrepiece ideas for your wedding day for all budgets from classic candelabras to rustic logs and the olive leaf table garland
{Glass Bottles}
Milk bottles, medicine bottles, old jam jars and even beer bottles. This type of arrangement exudes style whilst being super kind on the pocket too! Whilst combinations of different sized bottles have been popular for the last couple of years or so, it’s blue and green bottles – particularly old medicine vessels – that are experiencing a bit of a renaissance at the moment and it’s easy to see why. Their muted tones are the perfect backdrop for soft blooms and lush foliage making them pop against them. Simplicity is key to this look – single flower heads or branches and foliage look exquisite popped into a bottle or two. Remember to create interest by using vessels of different shapes and heights and then collate them together to create a single centrepiece. Don’t be afraid to use a restricted colour palette – say shades of coral or greens as this only helps to create a more intense display. Keep things loose and organic and don’t be afraid to be unconventional. I adore the idea of simply using foliage in clear bottles; elegant and chic you can guarantee that this particular arrangement won’t have broken the bank. If I can offer one piece of advice it would be to always purchase/collect extra bottles, you don't have to use them all but it does mean you've got spares in case of any breakages. And if you want the quirky touch add a flag, a table number, candles or even a pineapple! Unique and beautiful table centrepiece ideas for your wedding day for all budgets from classic candelabras to rustic logs and the olive leaf table garland
{The Table Garland}
I've saved my favourite trend for last. I just couldn't help it and I've yet to attend a wedding where the happy couple have opted for such a style statement but it's on my wishlist for sure. I think some brides are fearful of adopting this type of table garnish on their wedding day in case it breaks the wedding bank. But it needn't cost a fortune. Admittedly you could go hell for leather and drape your table in hydrangeas but I always think this style looks most effective when simple sprigs of foliage are used with simple candles nestled in between the branches. I do especially love it too when the natural garnishes flow over and drape down the ends of the tables too; it always looks so unbelievably pretty. This is most definitely a look you can produce yourself too; gather up your most creative friends the night before and ask them to help you style your big day tables. You're guaranteed to have fun and your nearest and dearest will love the fact that they've had a part to play in helping your vision come to life. You could even use foraged foliage to really keep the costs down, just be sure you have the landowners permission when pinching those sprigs.  Unique and beautiful table centrepiece ideas for your wedding day for all budgets from classic candelabras to rustic logs and the olive leaf table garland So there you have it; some beautiful diy wedding decorations for tables on your wedding day. And in case that wasn't enough or you want some more specific How-To's, here you go:
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