Decadent dessert tables have got to be up there with guests' favourite things at your wedding, I mean who doesn't love all the sweet treats? There's been a real shift in how couples choose to feed their guests, with grazing tables, sharing platters and dessert tables all taking centre stage, and offering friends and family more choice than ever when getting their feast on. We have some truly incredible suppliers on the List, and our Caterers and Cake Makers are on the money when it comes to creating not just delicious dessert tables, but beautifully styled ones too. Whilst we hope this brings you inspiration in creating something stunning, we thoroughly believe there shouldn't be anything on your table which isn't delicious. Style over substance this is not. We've seen many a pretty picture of coloured sugar crystal sticks, but we all know cake, macarons, tarts and mini desserts are going to be much more delicious.
{All The Greenery}
If your wedding styling is an abundance of foliage don't stop when it comes to your dessert table. Extending your vision through every element is key in creating a cohesive look, and means your guests are more likely to tuck in without restraint. Metallic accents look incredible when teamed with luscious botanical styling, so ask your cake maker to bring on the gold leaf, and your stylist to bring some gilt edged goodies. Wedding Dessert Table Styled With Foliage
{Sweet Dreams}
Sugary sweet colours often found throughout summer blooms lend themselves beautifully to dessert tables, sitting alongside glazed donuts and french almond macarons. Your guests won't know whether to delight over a cupcake, or the fabulous english roses. Wedding Dessert Table With A Pastel Colour Palette
{Stand Out}
Sweet treats looks absolutely stunning against dark backgrounds. Beautiful, bright berry colours pop, and fluffy marshmallows look even more cloud like. If you've not got a dark wall to base the table against, think about a dark wood sideboard, concrete tiles or even well travelled leather suitcases. Talking of marshmallows, they're so dreamy think about giving these instead of favours and saving yourself some pennies in the process. Wedding Dessert Table With A Dark Backdrop
{Keep It Balanced}
Your cake will always be a talking point, and rightly so, so keep your table balanced, with delicate little treats framing the star of the show. Think bite sized fruit tarts and meringue kisses. Mini layered desserts also look fabulous in scaled down kilner jars, so ask your caterer about these as an alternative. Romantic Wedding Dessert Table If you’re looking for a cake maker, catering company, stylist, or decor hire company to help create the most beautiful dessert tables then we recommend you visit The List and browse the incredible talent available to assist you. As an extra help we've made all the galleries above pin-able, so you can save to your wedding inspiration board - you're welcome!
Laura Humphrey

Written by Laura Humphrey

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