We’ll take one dusky pink jacket for wedding and an intimate day on this couples 10th anniversary (we’re not crying, you are). With 7 months to plan, Bam & Shelly called upon their best friend (and Recommended Supplier), Imogen Eve Photography to capture this perfect day. Their florist was recommended by a close friend, and Shelly’s makeup and hair was done by a pal (what a great group!) The vibe of their day was relaxed and happy, and they kept costs low through DIY’ing all decor and favours. Forgive our Chandler Bing moment, but… could we BE anymore in love with this day? We think not. 

Dusky pink jacket for wedding day

With 7 months to plan, we were lucky to source suppliers who had the availability. Our best friend Imogen was our photographer on the day. I scouted Instagram handles to find suppliers in the Surrey area. I spoke to friends who had/are to be married for any recommendations.

Shelly & Bam


We wanted a relaxed and happy vibe. I think having a smaller number of guests made it really personal and intimate and was perfect for us. Bam loves fashion, and he was left to his own devices in choosing his outfit for the day. It was such a hit with our guests… and me! I wanted to keep costs low as we recently bought a house and being on maternity leave. I made all the decor myself and the favours. Anything I could personally make without too much hassle, I did!


An absolute highlight for me was when Bam, Imogen and I were taking photos on the Epsom Downs. It was freezing cold, windy and pouring with rain (typical!) I had purchased a personalised umbrella when Bam accidentally let go and it went flying across the Downs. Watching Bam chase after the umbrella (which did not stop), whilst sharing a small umbrella with Imogen in fits of laughter will always stay with me!

We love a groom who knows his style! 

Do what you want to do! Also, do plenty of research. Not everything that looks top end costs a fortune. Enjoy the planning! Make sure to take some time out of your day to spend some time with your partner. It is such an overwhelming feeling of nerves, excitement and love on the day. It goes to0 quick, so capture even just a snippet of it with your partner - it will be a moment you will remember forever.

Shelly & Bam

Dusky pink jacket for wedding? Yes, and yes again. If you’re not as sure as Bam in regards to your style and what you want - don’t panic! Check out suit ideas that we’re loving right now. And if you’re loving Bam’s pink suit, take a look at this fit from Jono for a Hackney Town Hall wedding.

Ella Turner

Written by Ella Turner

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Venue: Morden Park House | Florist: Flowers By Liz | Wedding Cake: Brunette Bakes | Makeup Artist: Melissa Sharp | Bridal Gown: ASOS

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