With only a few days until the Easter Bunny arrives we are busily dreaming of chocolate eggs and pretty pastel flowers. You might not be expecting to see a home piece on these pages but we like to mix things up a bit and today is all about bringing you a spot of Easter inspiration courtesy of The Wedding Shop. If you are thinking about your gift list then The Wedding Shop have the most exquisite ranges which you can match with all manner of experience and monetary gifts to create a list unique to you. It wasn't difficult then to peruse their site and find some amazing pieces to help style our Easter table shoot. So many pretty pastel colours. In my family Easter is a good excuse to all get together, catch up and eat far too much chocolate. Now we could survive the whole day on mini eggs alone but that probably isn't the best so a nice lunch is always on the cards. It's an excellent excuse to lay a pretty table and get creative with some decorative touches. You don't have to go all out but some simple touches can help create a beautiful look that works just as well for a large family dinner as it does for a cosy catch up with your girls.
{Mismatched China}
When you are putting together your gift list your tableware is definitely a key element to consider. However, don't worry too much about getting hung up on the fact that you will have Great Aunt Ethel, Uncle Bob and Granny June all over for Sunday lunch. I've very much embraced the fact that your table doesn't need to match immaculately. With a large family one of us is often found eating off a small tea plate or out of the kids plastic bowls! So instead of worrying that we don't all have a full collection of matching china this Easter I am very much going down the mismatched route. Think pretty china in the softest pastel shades and you have got a beautiful table. I also think it adds to the relaxed vibe of a lovely family get together. I am a huge fan of intricate designs and have a vast collection of cute plates and tea cups. They are so versatile for all manner of occasions so why not just choice an assortment of pieces that you love rather than worrying about having a full set on your gift list. If you opt for co-ordinating colours you can mix and match to your hearts content.
Sticking with the relaxed vibe for the Easter table you want to add some delicate spring blooms. You can't go far wrong with a big jug of tulips and hyacinths for their stunning colours and amazing scents. The other beauty of spring flowers is that you don't need to posses a degree in floral design to make them look amazing. One large vase or jug coupled with a few extra bud vases across the table will bring in colour and texture to your table.
You might not think that adding chocolate to the dinner table is a good idea but in my view it isn't Easter without a good smattering of mini eggs. You could leave a few on each plate or just pile them in a pastel bowl and let everyone help themselves.
Of course when it comes to Easter there has to be an 'egg' element to the table. You could use real eggs, blown eggs or decorative eggs to create pretty displays. Try piling soft blue eggs under a glass cloche to create a stunning display that takes seconds to create. Add in some frilly lisianthus and the combination of pale pinks and blues are a complete winner.   Hopefully that gives you a spot of inspiration for a Tuesday afternoon. And hope you all get lots of yummy chocolate eggs on Sunday!
Lottie Manns

Written by Lottie Manns

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