I never really expected myself to be writing on the internet about 'tech' items - so I'm going to be completely honest. My initial reaction was 'they really don't do it for me.' We are one of those stereotypical couples where Matt's all about the gadgets and I'm all about the pretty things. I just can't get excited by cables, whereas he loves untangling a box and setting up a new all singing all dancing machine. But then I thought, hang on a minute - there are some machines I like. Listening to music, making a lovely coffee, taking photos...hey, maybe machines aren't that bad? And maybe just a couple of those magical, life changing tech devices should be making their way onto your wedding list? Whether you're a lover of what the product does or of the product itself - here's five tech items you definitely need on your list... As the UK and Ireland’s leading and longest established independent wedding list company, The Wedding Shop have seen tech trends come and go over the last 30 years, so know a thing or two about what you actually need in your home. You'll find these five products, along with lots of other incredible tech products, over on their website, where you can create and manage your dream wedding list at the click of a button.

Your Morning Coffee

If you drink coffee each morning, then it's worth investing in something that's going to make that cup of coffee the most delicious cup you'll ever drink. We always think if you're using something daily, then it's well worth the investment. And hopefully if you and your partner are true coffee lovers, then your guests will too! The mega Sage Coffee machine by Heston Blumenthal grinds coffee really finely and has a milk frother - which is excellent news if you also enjoy a hot chocolate. And not only does it look really slick and professional, but it has excellent customer reviews too.

Listening To Tunes

I'm yet to meet a person who doesn't enjoy listening to music and the Sonos products truly make the experience a special one. Allowing you to integrate your music system around your whole house and control it from your phone or tablet, their excellent range of speakers include ones suitable for the TV too, so your whole sound system can be on a par. Anything wireless is always going to be an excellent looking product and Sonos speakers certainly deliver on that front. They offer the kind of tech products you wouldn't remove from a interiors shot on Instagram ;) Keeping you and your other half happy.

Getting The Party Started

Perhaps one of the most fun items you could add to your wedding list - a turn table is bound to put a smile on any music lovers face. Just imagine the parties you'll be able to throw too. Whether you want to mix yourself, or just let the beautiful vinyl record play (wirelessly through your Sonos speakers) then the Omega 100 series by Elipson need to go on your list. They come in a really pleasing laquered finish - in white, red or black.

Capturing All Your Adventures

If you haven't already discovered the wonders of Go Pro cameras, then allow me to introduce you - this small but mighty device allows you to capture your world from a totally new angle. With features like wind noise reduction, time lapse, one-button touch control and even voice control on some GoPro camera models, nothing will get in the way of recording the excitement of the action as it happens, not even the weather – GoPros are waterproof too. And with wi-fi and bluetooth connectivity, downloading and sharing the stories from your GoPro camera is really easy. The perfect way to record your honeymoon and future travels for ever. This is one product I can personally recommend, the recording quality of a Go Pro really is excellent and there's something really special about having moving footage to watch back in years to come.

Keeping Your House Cool

Ok ok so we don't live in the tropics but keeping your home at a temperature that's comfortable to you is a real treat and the Dyson fans allow you to do just that. Both quiet and powerful, the latest range of fans from Dyson are the ultimate silent fans. They don't have any blades, so the incessant turning noise is non existent and there’s also a remote control for precise airflow control. The AM07 has a sleep timer which can be programmed to turn off after preset intervals, for ease of use throughout the night. Perhaps something to future proof your home - having a fan is very useful when you have a little one, as keeping their nursery to a certain temperature helps them to sleep more comfortably and the lack of blades makes this on super safe too.

The Wedding Shop

Whether you're a tech person or not, I think we can appreciate that electrical products can enhance our lives for the better. If you're a little stuck on where to start, make an appointment with an advisor from The Wedding Shop - they'll be able to advise what products will work for you as a couple.
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Five Must Have Tech Items For Your Wedding Gift List
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