When Foxtail Barns meet a Drag Queen, dog ring-bearer, and an Autumnal theme… you know it’s going to be good. Leah & Charlotte’s day is all about love, laughter and plenty of dancing! With a colour scheme of dark oranges, deep reds and a nod to Pride with elements of lightness and the rainbow. Both brides look absolutely radiant in their fitted bridal gowns, complete with bold floral bouquets. We love their paint-splattered three-tier wedding cake, which gives us all the colours of Pride! Of course, their day was beautifully captured by Cassandra Lane Photography.

Foxtail Barns Autumnal Lesbian wedding

Uniqueness was never the goal - the goal was to fill a day with colour, warmth, and love. We wanted one day to share parts of ourselves that are normally kept for each other with all our family and friends.

Leah & Charlotte


Our first dance was amazing, it was Strength of a Woman by Shaggy. It was light and fun, and we spun around and I couldn't take my eyes off her. The corners of her smile lifted mine and we were surrounded by absolute love. We were only meant to dance to the first 10ish seconds and then invite everyone else to the dance floor, but we just got so caught up in each other, that we danced the whole song. When it finished our friends and family poured in to join us with cheers and whoops. The dance floor didn’t empty until carriages home.


Our engagement lasted two and a half years. It is absolutely plenty of time to iron out the details! Just remember the most important thing on the day is to just completely let go and live in the moment. You've done everything you can already - don't sweat it! Every single person on that day is rooting for you, so rely on the smiles and love of your friends and family to calm the nerves.

Dog ring bearer? Yes. Please.

For our photographer and videographer we wanted someone that would know how to shoot a gay wedding. A lot of photographers seem to only know how to take the angles for straight couples. So we wanted people that could represent our love properly and felt comfortable guiding us on how best to look with each other. The cake was made by our dear friend, who did an excellent job.

Leah & Charlotte

The Foxtail Barns is a beautiful venue that gives us all those Autumnal vibes! We’re also always on board with a Drag Queen making an appearance on your big day. Check out our wedding entertainment Podcast for lots more ideas. 

Ella Turner

Written by Ella Turner

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Venue: Foxtail Barns | Videographer: Jo Gendle | Drag Queen: Annabelle Lecter | Folk Music: Libby And Raddon | Florist: Jenny Pusey | Catering: Jenkinsons Caterers | Wedding Cake: Bradley Escorcio | Makeup Artist: Absolutely Flawless | Charlotte's Wedding Gown: Brides Of Ashby | Leah's Wedding Gown: Wedding Dress Derby

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