Gay wedding suits for a Chelsea Old Town Hall wedding… well, you know it’s going to be good. This beautiful couple decided they couldn’t put their lives on hold due to the pandemic, and are due to become parents through surrogacy. Not only that, their incredible surrogate was part of their special day… as the ring bearer! Having been together for ten years, you can just feel the love encapsulating the entirety of their special day. 

Gay wedding suits for Chelsea Old Town Hall ceremony

We cancelled our big wedding because of the pandemic. So to have the complete opposite, a small intimate wedding, was amazing. Also, our surrogate was 8 months pregnant with our son at the time and was our ring bearer!

Stuart & Francis

In a not all uncommon story, my two lovely grooms, Stuart and Francis, who have been together for over ten years, were about to make it official in 2020 when the COVID pandemic hit. In a realisation that they couldn't put their lives on hold forever, they decided to start their family through surrogacy in 2021 and are expecting a baby boy in November. Although they were hoping for a massive celebration of their love with all their family and friends, they opted to get married at the Kensington and Chelsea Old Town Hall in a beautifully intimate and touching ceremony.

Mary Sullivan Photography

Loving Francis & Stuart’s floral buttonholes!

You don’t need to spend lots of money to have a beautiful day. It’s about spending a day celebrating with your close friends and family. Passers by in Chelsea congratulated us after our ceremony. We kissed and celebrated being married with our friends and family.

Stuart & Francis

Complimentary gay wedding suits are everything and more! If you’re looking for help when finding yours - don’t go anywhere! We’re here with grooms suits we’re loving right now, and a little grey inspiration.

Ella Turner

Written by Ella Turner

Venue: Chelsea Old Town Hall | Videographer: Oliver Shafto | Stylist: Priscilla Crossleigh

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