A groom buttonhole, also know as a boutonniere is worn on the lapel of the groom's suit. Often comprising of flowers found in the bride's bouquet and wedding floral arrangements. Although it may be small in size, it will have a huge impact on the grooms overall look. Choose from fresh flowers, dried grasses, foliage, feathers and pins. It's not often you can wear one, so go all out and make sure it complements your style. See our roundup of groom buttonhole ideas to see which one is a bit of you.

Dried Flower Buttonhole

Not only are dried flower buttonholes incredibly on-trend right now but there are many benefits of choosing dried flowers over fresh ones. Rock My Wedding Recommended florist Mary Elizabeth Flowers shares all you need to know about dried wedding flowers. Our favourite reason being, their longevity and sustainability.

Feather & Pin Buttonholes

Ok, so although the majority of groom buttonholes are flowers, we realise these aren't for everyone. We've also seen Rock My Wedding real grooms wear, pins, badges and feathers which look equally incredible. Even better when the pins hold sentimental meaning.

Succulent Buttonhole

We've seen succulents used as wedding table decorations and wedding favours so why not as groom buttonholes? You can grow them yourself, or replant them after the big day as a wonderful keepsake. Their varying size only adds to their appeal, meaning you can choose to make a huge statement or opt for a delicate flourish.

Tropical Buttonhole

We're predicting tropical bouquets, floral arrangements and buttonholes to be huge next year! With lilies, orchids, and birds of paradise leading the way. Their exquisite scent and delicate petals only add to their appeal.

Foliage Buttonhole

Foliage is most commonly used alongside flowers to enhance an arrangement, but we're seeing more and more couples opting for an all green botanical wedding with no flowers. This is sometimes a more cost-effective way to decorate your wedding and is considered a neutral solution, as foliage complements most venues and themes.

Rose Buttonhole

There's nothing more sartorial than a single white rose buttonhole pinned to a morning suit. But with all good ideas, we've loved seeing them evolve over time. Bulbous David Austin roses and spray roses in a variety of different colours have also become popular choices, and we're here for every single one.

More Buttonhole Ideas

As you will see in the gallery below and on our buttonhole Pinterest board there are many more flower choices and options to choose from. The only limit is your, and your florist's imagination. As well as buttonholes, we'd love to see more grooms donning floral pockets, because, oh my what a statement!

Wearing a buttonhole is a nice way to differentiate the Groom and wedding party from the rest of the wedding guests.

There are lots of things to consider when choosing your wedding flowers, so we've put together a list of important questions to help you find the right florist. You can also listen to our wedding flowers podcast where we chat bouquets, floral centrepieces, groom buttonholes and so much more.

Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

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