Grey isn't just a popular choice in interiors right now, it's also a hot colour choice for your wedding party fashion. We've put together a roundup of seriously stylish grey wedding suit ideas, including checked suits, blazers, and light grey three-pieces. Plus, if you fancy dressing your bridal party in the same hue, you'll also want to see our roundup of grey bridesmaid dresses. You're welcome!


Probably one of the biggest growing groom trends at the moment is choosing to have a different coloured blazer or jacket to your trousers. As you can see from the gallery, a grey blazer looks great with navy and black trousers. Some grooms will do this so they stand out from their groomsmen, and some will reverse the colour choices so the groom is in a grey blazer with navy trousers, and the groomsmen are in a navy blazer with grey trousers. Whichever option you choose, the groom and groomsmen will look cohesive and pretty dapper to boot!


A subtle way to add a little definition to your grey wedding suit is to choose a design with a check pattern. You can choose from a hound or dogtooth check, gingham check or pin check. We love to see a colour incorporated into the check pattern to really make it pop. Again, all the groomsmen can wear grey check wedding suits or just the groom.

Pale Grey Wedding Suit

A colour block grey wedding suit is probably the most popular choice amongst our grooms. It's almost considered a neutral shade as it will complement any colour scheme. A pale grey wedding suit especially looks good worn during the Spring and Summer months with a muted or pastel colour scheme to match.


If you're searching for an autumn/winter suit, then wool is most definitely your answer. Not only is it incredibly stylish with colour block and tweed designs, but it will also keep you warm. We love to see grooms contrasting their two-piece wool wedding suit with a different fabric waistcoat.

Mid to Charcoal

When we said fifty shades of wedding suits, we really meant it. As well as pale or light grey suits, there are also mid-grey and charcoal colour choices available. Plus an array of suit designs, as well as colour choices, including morning and lounge suits. Mid-grey to charcoal colour options can be worn for all seasons and will last long after the wedding day too.

Fifty shades of suit...? And yes they are all grey! Including, pale grey, mid-grey, charcoal, check and blazers.

So, do you think you'll be donning a grey wedding suit? Perhaps a black-tie, patterned or coloured suit is more your thing? Well, we have lots of inspiration for these choices too. And, a helpful graphic informing you of all the suit styles, cuts and collars available to you. Happy shopping!

Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

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