I was a late convert to the powers of gin. Turns out all I needed to do was put it in a cocktail and now, I'm a true gin lover. Today we're sharing some of our favourite gin cocktail recipes, along with expert advice from The Wedding Shop on the gorgeous glassware you'll need to serve them in. And trust us, with almost thirty years in business they know a thing or two about mixing a good cocktail.

The Classic G&T

I can only drink my G&Ts ice, ice cold, so I'd always recommend using your tonic of choice straight from the fridge with lots of ice. To spice things up, use a flavoured gin (like a lovely wild berry gin) and always finish with a slice of lemon. You'll want a tall glass for this drink - we love anything from Dartington as their crystalware is luxurious, timeless and takes a post-work drink to the next level.

French 75

My personal favourite gin based drink (possibly because it contains the ultimate alcoholic drink - Champagne) but also because it can easily be personalised. I like mine with raspberry syrup and garnished with fresh berries if anyone is asking ;) Naturally for a Champagne based drink, you'll be wanting a Champagne flute, try this one by LSA with it's elegant classic platinum rim. The only way to drink your bubbles in style.

Gin Martini

For the traditionalists - the gin martini. The best way to serve this one is in a very cold martini glass (you can do this by filling it with ice before adding your drink - but remember to remove the ice cubes before adding your gin)! We love the Grape Martini glasses from Riedel because they are masculine and sexy, making them perfect for Mr Bond's choice of tipple. Serve with a garnish of lemon rind or a green olive.

Gin Sour

I am most definitely a lover of sour flavours, if it makes my mouth twist a little then that's a good thing as far as I'm concerned. The perfect drink to add to a striking Villeroy & Boch Octavie tumbler - this one isn't showy - the flavour does all the talking.

On The Rocks

One for the purists, and not strictly a cocktail I know. But if you're a true gin lover then you may want to savour the subtle flavours a good gin will give you. There is a plethora of choice out there, from classic Hendricks or Bombay Sapphire to local gins, to flavoured ones. So grab a short glass, like the Sandringham Tumbler by Royal Scot Crystal, fill with ice and splash over your gin of choice.

Why Is Gin Best Served In A Balloon Glass?

This summer, however, the glass of choice for your gin has been the balloon glass. Not only does it look gorgeous but the large balloon shape of the bowl allows for aromas to linger and the gin itself is kept cold due to the long stem of the glass. Genius. For some of our favourite EVER balloon glasses, take a look at this cake and cocktails feature.

Adding Glassware To Your Wedding Gift List

Making sure you cover lots of different styles of glassware on your wedding list is a good idea as you never know what kind of occasion you'll be throwing in the future. Having a well-stocked bar is great, but ensuring you have the right glass to match the cocktails you're mixing truly makes you the hostess with the mostess. If you're wondering where to start, then have a read of this article where The Wedding Shop team talk you through glassware - from cocktails to spirits to wine - every drink has a glass that suits it best.

The range of options at The Wedding Shop is unrivalled and the team go above and beyond to find items they know you'll love. If you're considering a gift list, we'd highly recommend their expertise and experience.

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A Guide To The Best Glass For Your Favourite Gin Cocktails

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