Hold your horses - or should I say giraffes - because this Giraffe Manor wedding is arguably going to be the best thing you see today. Not only was Ida & Lasse's destination elopement wedding beautiful to the extent that it has brought tears to our eyes, but their big day involved real. Life. Giraffes. I mean... Not something you see every day, is it? Having visited Giraffe Manor in 2019, the couple had the pleasure of revisiting the manor for their intimate wedding, accompanied by only their parents and daughter. With a shared passion for travel, a fondness for animals, and prior familiarity with the manor, they couldn't have chosen a more perfect location to celebrate their vows. Recommended supplier Emma-Jane Photography was able to capture the intimate and heartfelt love perfectly - as well as all of the giraffes. Which is quite a tall order! Literally.

Giraffe Manor wedding with intimate ceremony and afternoon tea 

We chose the venue because we had visited Kenya and Giraffe Manor in 2019. So we knew then that it was an experience we wanted to share with our loved ones. Therefore, rather than spending our savings on a big wedding with lots of guests, we decided to instead use our budget to take our daughter and our parents on a once-in-a-lifetime experience. With two nights at giraffe manor for our wedding day, followed by safari in the Masai Mara, it was a dream come true. 

Ida & Lasse

Giraffe Manor Wedding 

Amidst the captivating landscapes of Kenya, Giraffe Manor is a true testament to the exquisite harmony between natural beauty and refined elegance. The manor's allure goes beyond its picturesque setting; it's also home to a gracious herd of Rothschild giraffes, these gentle giants becoming an integral part of the scene. Imagine exchanging vows beneath the caress of the warm African sun, enveloped by lush gardens and the tranquil embrace of nature's beauty. Ida & Lasse don't have to imagine that, though. They LIVED it! Giraffe Manor allowed Ida & Lasse to embark on a distinctive journey as they commemorated their love. The gentle rustle of leaves, the distant melodies of exotic birds, and the occasional nudge from a giraffe made their big day all the more special. Giraffe Manor unfolds an ever-shifting canvas of breathtaking beauty. It also provided the ideal setting for Ida & Lasse to inaugurate their new chapter together. 

Intimate elopement

Opting for an intimate elopement ceremony over a bigger wedding is a choice that speaks to the essence of love and connection. In a world often filled with bustling festivities, a small and private elopement allows a couple to focus solely on each other. Now of course, we at Rock My Wedding adore a big wedding. We adore all weddings, actually. But intimate elopements create a profound experience. Surrounded by the intimacy of their immediate family, Ida & Lasse exchanged their vows in an atmosphere of authenticity and vulnerability. This choice prioritises the quality of moments over the quantity of guests, enabling the couple to savour everything. Their beyond-beautiful ceremony included only their daughter and their parents. This meant they could treat them to a Kenyan holiday as well. Amidst a backdrop of serenity, the elopement ceremony becomes a true reflection of the couple's unique journey. 

A stunning bride in a gorgeous lace wedding dress surrounded by giraffes? Not a sentence you hear very often...

It was an elopement wedding in Kenya, so we were very limited in what we could bring. The vibe was very relaxed. I did my hair and make-up myself in my room, together with my mum and little girl. Then we had a very intimate little ceremony followed by afternoon tea in the African sunshine with the giraffes. If we had any advice... It's your day, so prioritise yourselves and your wishes. Everyones idea of a perfect wedding day is different. So just make sure you do what makes you happy rather than trying to please other people!

Ida & Lasse

The G in OMG stands for giraffe. That's just a fact. It goes without saying how obsessed we are with Ida & Lasse's Giraffe Manor wedding. From the lace dress, to the intimate guest list, to the, well, giraffes... Everything was just picture perfect. Snap! We adore the fact that it was just the parents at this elopement. Speaking of parents - have you thought about your father daughter dance? Are you having one, and stuck for ideas? Our playlist of 87 brilliant father daughter dance songs is a good place to start looking. The backdrop of this incredible venue definitely upped the wedding game. If you want your place to do the same - finding the right venue for you is important, too.

Sasha Kirkham

Written by Sasha Kirkham

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Photography: Emma-Jane Photography | Venue: Giraffe Manor | Bridal Outfit: Modeca | Bridal Boutique: Kristins Brudekjole | Stationery: RedBerry Guest Books

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