One of the age-old questions couples ask during the planning journey is how to save for your wedding. This is clearly very understandable. Now more than ever, couples are looking for ways to cut down on their spending whilst still having the day of their dreams. Because of pop culture and social media, it's easy to assume that you have to break the bank for a great wedding. Of course, the weddings we see in films and online are fantastic. But that categorically does not mean you have to pour millions into your ceremony. With a good wedding checklist, a frank understanding of your budget and a little bit of help from friends (and us!), you can have the wedding you've always wanted and save some cash, too. It's possible. Don't believe us? Well, we're here to prove it to you. 

Helpful tips and tricks on how to save for your wedding

Be bald about your budget 

First things first, you need to set a budget. A realistic budget at that. Working out the cost of your wedding is going to play a key role in saving for it. Budgets help track all of your spending so that you can stick to it. Not only is this the best way of seeing if you can afford certain things, but it also shows you where you can save money for more expensive choices. We recommend creating a spreadsheet and inputting everything (yes, everything). This ensures you're aware of your finances and where you're at with your planning and spending. Remember - lower cost weddings are just as fabulous

Start saving - pronto!

It's in the name. Saving is obviously a big part of how to save for your wedding. The sooner you start saving money for your wedding, the more manageable it will be in the long run. Deciding where to put your savings is a conversation to have with your partner. Whether it's an online bank account with the ability to create pots, a savings account, or something else. Work out how much you want to save each month, and ensure it's a realistic number. For example, if your wedding is next year, and you're planning to spend £5,000 on it, you need to save roughly £400 a month. If you're starting to save two years before, then you'll only need to save £200 a month. Planning to save beyond your means could lead to financial worry. Planning a wedding will be one of the happiest times of your life, and being realistic about what you can afford will ensure your journey remains happy. 

Sacrifices are how to save for your wedding

It might not be what you want to hear, but be ready to make sacrifices. As we've said, weddings can be expensive and depending on your personal budget, you might need to start shifting your expectations here and there. Something you will come to realise whilst reading this article is that in order to avoid unnecessary stress, having honest conversations with your partner is a must. Assess what are your non-negotiables for your wedding, and things you don't need to spend as much money or time on. For some people, having a new wedding dress is very important. To others, having an impressive floral display is higher up on the priority list. Everybody, and every wedding, is different. Whatever means the most to you is valid. Just know that, in order to stick to budget, you might have to spend less on the things that aren't as high on your priority list. 

How about a non-weekend wedding?

Wedding venues understandably make up a lot of the wedding cost (48%, to be precise!). We all know that a lot of weddings happen on a Saturday, hence the premium price for this specific day. So, if you want to save some of your wedding budget, opt for another day of the week. Of course, if you decide to go for a weekday/Sunday, make sure you're letting your guests know far in advance. A lot of them will most likely need to take time off work, so better to get that information out sooner rather than later, to ensure all your loved ones can make it. 

Try your hand at DIY

If you've been on our site or our TikTok page before, you'll know we adore a DIY. Making your own things for your wedding is a fantastic way of saving money and being eco-friendly. Some people, when they hear the word DIY, tend to run for the hills. "I'm not a crafty person! I don't know how to paint, drill, or anything like that!". The brilliant thing about DIYs, however, is that you can completely cater it to your own ability. Do you have an art-type background, and feel very confident in your skills? Fantastic - you can DIY as much decor as you want. Or maybe you're less artsy and haven't held a glue gun since you were in school. Still - totally fine. Pick out wedding decor ideas that play to your skill set, and inspire you. There is such a massive amount of inspiration to choose from for any level of DIY-related experience on Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and any other form of social media. 

What about a pre-loved dress?

On a similar note of sustainability, buying a preloved wedding dress (or bridal outfit, grooms suit, bridesmaid dresses, etc.) is fantastic for the planet and fantastic for your wallet. You'll be amazed at the truly incredible gowns you can find on online marketplaces and charity shops for a fraction of the RRP. Especially, might we add, Recycle My Wedding. Recycle My Wedding is disproving the stigma about secondhand dresses being unappealing every single day. On the site, you'll find a remarkable amount of stunning dresses (some of them completely unused) from a variety of years, with a variety of prices. If you're looking for tangible ways on how to save for your wedding, then going secondhand where you can is a great start. Look stunning, and save the planet whilst doing it!

The final tip on how to save for your wedding... Don't let it take over

Don't let saving for your wedding consume your entire life. We realise that your big day is a big deal, but planning and saving for it shouldn't take over your life. It shouldn't be causing you unnecessary stress or financial woes, and it definitely shouldn't take away from the fact that you're getting married to the person you love. If you do feel that the stress might be weighing on you a bit too much, never neglect your support circle. Who knows, maybe your Uncle happens to be fantastic at budgeting and can help you out. Or maybe one of your friends had a wedding for under 20K, and can give you some tips. Saving for your wedding should be a fun journey, filled with love, that you and your partner are on together. If you're not enjoying it, take some time to reassess and make some changes.

How to save for your wedding - budget breakdown, allocate priorities, and save that money! 

So, there we have it - tips and tricks on saving for your big day. Always speak to your suppliers about what you'd like and what your budget is. If what you'd like is a little out of your price range, they may be able to offer cheaper alternatives or solutions. For example, using seasonal flowers, or having less photography coverage. They are the experts. Utilise their skills and knowledge! They really do want to help you plan your day your way, and make your wedding dreams come true. Remember that it's also always advisable to ask your suppliers questions, so as not to miss any hidden fees. That's why our article and downloadable print-out on questions to ask your wedding venue is very helpful in that department. If the sustainability portion of this write-up got you thinking green, then our article on vegan wedding inspiration will be right up your eco-friendly street. 

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