If you've never discovered the delights of a 'Pimp Your Prosecco' bar before, then firstly - where on earth have you been?! And secondly, your world is about to be rocked. Just when you thought Prosecco couldn't be any lovelier, you're presented with an array of gorgeous fruits and cordial to add to your fizz to make it even more delicious. This is the perfect DIY drinks station for a wedding, festive get together, hen party or even just a casual Friday night with the girls... Firstly, you'll need a drinks trolley. As this is the basis of your station, the more aesthetically pleasing it is, the better. We opted for this gold tiered mirror number from The Wedding Shop. If you add one of these beauties to your wedding list, then it can live in your home forever. And we all know a bar cart is an essential household item ;) Prosecco works beautifully when paired with elderflower cordial, but decanting this into an elegant glass bottle makes the whole display look more professional. This tall and sleek one by John Jenkins does the job beautifully. Fresh fruit is also lovely in Prosecco so we've included bowls of raspberries, strawberries and the prettiest jewelled pomegranate seeds. Make sure you also have some delicate spoons and a pair of tongs so that people can mix their drinks without making a mess. The Wedding Shop really excel when it comes to servicewear, so we were spoilt for choice. We also created a 'Pimp Your Prosecco' sign, to explain to guests how the station works. A simple print out, framed elegantly makes the station look luxe. We chose this cool Umbra geometric gold frame from The Wedding Shop in order to make our sign really cohesive with our sparkling theme.
All of the pieces we've used above were sourced from The Wedding Shop and can be added to your wedding gift list. The Wedding Shop have curated an unrivalled list of homeware items and are always ahead of the trend when it comes to interiors. If you're in the process of setting up a gift list, then do get in touch. Their team are really friendly and knowledgable and you'll even have your own personal advisor to help you to create the gift list of your dreams. There's a real art to forming a well edited gift list and using The Wedding Shop takes out any hassle, making the whole experience truly pleasurable. And if you fancy creating a 'Pimp Your Prosecco' bar, then you can download our sign below. Happy Prosecco drinking everyone!!!
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Sparkly DIY Pimp Your Prosecco Bar For Weddings & Parties With Gold Details & Lots Of Fairy Lights You can see more articles produced alongside The Wedding Shop here on Rock My Wedding. And you can get your dream gift list started with The Wedding Shop via their website.

If you want to style your own pimped prosecco bar and use our signage and tags then please download the artwork by clicking on the images below - we've provided light and dark versions of the signs and labels to help you on your way.

Written by Fern Godfrey

Homeware Products: The Wedding Shop
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